Do What's Right

Suddenly a wall broke and Seishi stood holding Seance up in the air by his throat as Dianna fainted and fell the floor. Seishi gripped his fingers around Seance’s throat his red eyes glaring at Seance with anger and his fangs bared in viciously.

Seance’s bloody lips curled back in an sinister smile as he thrust one leg out and kicked Seishi back into one of the walls. Seishi hit an end table as he flew to the wall, the table laid broken on the floor next to him. Salinna didn’t know what to do as she watched them battle, she knew that the beast Seance had become had taken him over. Seance would have never hurt Dianna, he wasn’t there anymore he was gone trapped within a monsters body.

Seance appeared in front of Seishi, "How could you feed so viciously, and of your own sisters blood," Seishi shouted as his glare towards Seance deepened with hate.

Seance still smiled and did not reply to Seishi’s words as he brought up his hand and looked at it turning it again and again then he looked at Seishi. He quickly cut Seishi neck. Seishi gripped his neck and grimaced in pain hold back a scream as it bleed, while Seance liked his blood off his fingertips.

Salinna looked at the broken end table frightened by the chaos, she knew how to kill vampires, and her brother had gone mad, he would have wanted her to kill him.

She picked up a piece from the floor and looked at her brothers body but saw no sign of his true self As tears fell from her eyes, tears of sadness and fear flowed down her cheeks. She quietly walked over to her brother gripping the broken piece of wood, "Please understand brother," she said softly then stabbed the wood through his back and to his heart.

Seance screamed in pain then fell to the floor. On the floor he screamed in agony, then looked at Salinna, the red fading from his eyes and he looked like himself again for a few seconds before dyeing. Salinna began weeping and fell to her knees in sorrow. Seishi went to Salinna’s side and embraced her, the cuts on his neck already healing, "Please tell what’s happening," Salinna said, "I can’t take this anymore, I want to know what’s happening!"

"My sweet Salinna," Seishi answered and caressed her cheek, "you have saved me, by killing a person who was very close to you, I’ll tell you anything you want."

Seishi proceed to tell her how she and her sister were the reincarnations of the twins in the painting. That the twins had been tied up and tortured because the people of that time had believed twins were evil and thought of the girls as demons. One day the people hung the girls to death in this mansion and ever since the girls had been killing every set of twins that came to this school for their revenge.

First they would coast them to wear their kimonos by disguising them as beautiful kimonos, and once worn the curse starts. There’s no way to reverse this curse once you received it. The curse would torture you till it killed you.

Seishi told her how he had lived back when the girls were still alive and had fallen in love with one of the girls, he had made a promise to her that he would protect her from any harm, to keep her from the anger of the towns people. But he was not able to hold onto his promise and when they were murdered and buried he had laid a red rose on the girl’s grave. He had lived his life with guilt and regret learned that now, as the girl’s revenge on him, the only way to stop the twins curse, stop the countless murders, is to kill the reincarnation of the very girl he promised to protect.

"As for your brother, he must have been bitten by a vampire,” Seishi explained.  “If you are not born vampire but bitten by one, when the person becomes a vampire they go mad and feed on and kill anything it can,"

"So no matter what my sister is lost, either to the curse or to our brother’s bite?" Salinna asked still crying.

"I’m afraid so, my love." Seishi answered trying to console her. 

"Then, Seishi, bite me, kill me... Break this curse!" Salinna shouted tightening her fists and clenching her teeth.

"Salinna, my dear, you wish to die?"

"Yes, I have no family to return to and do not wish to live if it means living with out my sister or brother," Salinna explained sadly tears falling to the blood covered floor, "Besides my death will save future lives, I have to do what’s right."

Seishi knew he couldn’t argue with her, she was right and had made up her mind. He gently grabbed Salinna’s neck and head once more,. he moved his lips near her neck and opened his mouth slowly showing his fangs but his eyes filled with sadness. Seishi went to bite her neck, and found him self hesitant once more.

He gripped as tight as he could and closed his eyes tight, a few lone tears falling from them. He then quickly bit her neck hard. Salinna gasped as he drained her of her blood. “No regrets," Salinna whispered as Seishi slowly consumed her.

Seishi let her go having finished and gently laid Salinna on the floor her now lifeless body pale. He disappeared and with in a few minutes reappeared with a red rose from the schools garden in his grip.

He bent over and kissed her forehead with sympathy, "I shall miss you, my love," he said then laid the red rose on the floor next to her in a pool of red blood.



The End

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