From Protector to Monster

Salinna quickly ran for the door and manage to find her way through the vast hallways remembering the turns she took to get there back to her dorm. She burst through the door panting, and saw Dianna Sitting in a corner shaking uncontrollably and crying in terror. Salinna ran to her side and sat in front of her, "Dianna what happened what’s wrong?" Salinna asked examining her body.  

Salinna saw that Dianna had rope marks on her wrists, just like the twins in that picture; she also had a rope mark around her neck. Dianna looked up at Salinna still shaking, then she reached out and hugged Salinna as tight as she could, "Your right those girls, this place it’s all evil! Their coming after us, their going to kill us! The curse! Their going to torture us like they were!"

Salinna hugged Dianna tightly back, but didn’t understand what she was saying. A curse? What curse? We’re being tortured, like they were? How did she get theses marks? So many questions that Salinna still didn’t understand buzzed in her head. Salinna looked over at the end table by the bed, there was a phone.

Salinna gently let Dianna go and grabbed the phone to call Seance, their protector. She dialed the number quickly and let it ring but no one would pick up all she got was the answering machine. "Hello? Seance?" She said to the machine,” Please help us me and Dianna we’re in some kind of danger, I have no idea what’s going on! Please come we need your help please," then the machine stopped recording.

What was going on, what was happening to them? How could they stop this madness? Salinna thought of the boy, he must have been a vampire, and what was he talking about? "He must know something about all this," Salinna told herself then went back to Dianna side and hugged her to protect her.

 Salinna stayed there by her sisters side thinking she would go talk to that boy again once her brother comes to protect them, she hopped her brother would hurry.  The two girls were petrified with fear. They sat there embracing each other for a few hours, although they were tired they couldn't sleep.

 Then they herd a knock at the door and it creaked open there they saw the face of their elder brother. Salinna jumped up and hugged Seance letting out all her grief and fear pour onto him, He hugged her back and comforted her. Dianna started to crawl her way over to them when her hand landed on a nail the stuck out from the wood floor.

Her hand began to bleed as she shrieked in pain and she started to cry once more. "Dianna are you alright?!" Seance shouted in concern then saw the nail which now dripped with blood.

His eyes widened and turned blood red, he breathing picked up pace as he seemed to lose control of himself. He grimaced with pain as fangs grew from his mouth. Salinna ran to the aid of her sister and ripped a strip of cloth from her shirt and wrapped Dianna’s hand. When she saw her brother she became worried, "Brother?" she said softly. 

Seance turned and looked at her baring his fangs and his eyes seemed wicked now. Salinna became frightened, what had happened to him? Then Seance suddenly appeared next Dianna his eyes focused on her bleeding hand. He quickly snatched her hand in his and removed the cloth and licked up the arising blood. Dianna tried to pull her hand away but he gripped it tightly. Salinna wondered why this was happening, their protector, their only friend no an enemy. Seance stopped licking Dianna’s hand and looked up at her neck, his lips covered with her blood. He pulled her closer to him and gripped her body next to his as he licked her neck mindlessly.

Salinna knew this was no longer their beloved brother; he had become a beast, a vampire. Seance opened his mouth wide and let his fangs pierce his dear sister’s neck. Dianna let out a loud shrill scream in pain as Salinna watched in horror clueless as to what to do.

The End

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