Friend Or Foe

Salinna closed the door behind her then started down the hallway in the opposite direction of the staircase. She knew there had to be a library somewhere in this school where she could look up the artist of that painting. She wondered around the school for a while till she found a door that said "library" on it. She entered, much to her surprise there was quite a few students in there.

They all stopped and stared at her as she walked in, oddly they were all in school uniforms. Salinna kept her head down in hope they would stop staring. She went to a bookshelf and stared browsing, only one problem she had no idea what she should look for, she didn’t even know the name of the artwork. 

Next to her was a young boy about her age, he was very handsome and slim, with black sleek hair, his bottom lip pierced at both edges with dark red lip rings, and pale skin. The boy stood there a few books in hand and was browsing for more. "Um, excuse me;" Salinna said looking at him as he looked over a book, "Would you happen to know where I could find out about the painting at the top of the entrance stairs?"

"Yes, I have it back at my dorm," He answered looking at her his eyes soft and dark, "you have an interest in art miss….."

"Oh call me Salinna," She said softly, "and I guess you could say that."

"Ok Salinna, Call me Seishi," The boy gently put a hand out in front of Salinna, "Shall we go retrieve the book then?"

Salinna nodded and placed her hand in his, He led her through the school towards the boy dormitory. Salinna had a felling that there was something about this boy that was good; it was the first good felling she’s had about anything since she got there.

They finally reached Seishi’s dorm, He pulled out a key and Salinna noticed a sad but determined look on he’s face. Seishi sighed then unlocked to door, Salinna cautiously walked in to the dark room as Seishi followed and locked the door behind him. Salinna started to fell uneasy in the dark room.” I’m sorry my dear Salinna," Seishi whispered still standing at the door and slowly let his fingers slip off the doorknob.

"What?" Salinna asked the dark room starting to fill her with fear, "Why are you apologizing?"

Seishi then suddenly appeared next to Salinna his eyes turned blood red and glowed brightly against the darkness, "Please forgive me." 

Salinna frightened by him screamed and ran; in the dark she didn’t know where she was going she just knew she wanted out. Her heart raced and she painted in fear, she felt her foot get caught on something and she tripped falling in the darkness. She hit a wall and felt something brush against her arm she grabbed to try to steady herself and it ripped. It was the curtain covering the window she fell to the floor and the moonlight shown through illuminating the room.

Salinna lay on the floor she looked up and saw standing. He stood there still, he still seemed sad but his eyes were just staring at Salinna deeply. He suddenly appeared next to Salinna and crouched down by her side. Salinna’s eyes widened with fear and filled with tears. He gently placed one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her side gently embracing her. Salinna gasped at Seishi’s cold touch on her neck as he leaned in slowly opening his mouth baring long fangs.

Salinna’s body filled with more fear and she began to shake tears falling from her eyes, “what?! A vampire?!” He grew closer to her neck, he hesitated a minute then brushed his fangs against her neck. Salinna flinched when she felt it and began crying in sheer fear, "Please don’t kill me!”

Seishi tightened his grip and opened his mouth wider preparing to pierce her neck. Then he stopped, closed his mouth slowly and grimaced. He backed up and lowered his head as a felling of failure overcame him. Seishi spoke softly as he released Salinna, "Forgive me my dear Salinna, once again I am unable to save you."

Salinna sat there staring at Seishi confused and scared, till she heard the shrill cry of her sister Dianna.

The End

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