A Nightmare




Salinna was surrounded by darkness, all theses names being screamed and shouted at her but there was no one around to be seen. Salinna turned around in circles looking all over trying to find where the voices where coming from but she was surrounded by nothing, blackness, emptiness, loneliness. Her body filled with fear, where were these voices coming from and why were they screaming at her?

Soon people started fading in from the grip of the darkness, they where walking towards her screaming at her with anger. Salinna slowly started to back up terrified her eyes wide and her heart racing. "What do you want?!" She shouted.

The people didn’t react they just grew closer and closer still shouting and screaming. The people grabbed her by her arms and keep tightening their grip. "NO! STOP," Salinna shouted as she pushed the people off of her and fell to the floor tears of fear falling from her eyes.

The voices stopped screaming and she looked up terrified, the people were gone, she was back at the school at the top of the steps. She slowly stood up confused, "What just happened?" she thought.

"Help," a small whisper called from behind her. Salinna quickly turned around and all there was was the portrait of the twins, one twin tilted her head so her bangs moved to reveal one of her eyes. Salinna gasped in fear, the twin just stared at her, her eye was dark and full of iniquity, Salinna felt frozen, too scared to move. The other twin started to giggle in a childish tone and reached up for the rope wrapped around her neck. Salinna’s body started to shake with fear as the first brought up her arm slowly and reached towards Salinna.

She grew closer and closer to Salinna till her hand started to come out of the photo approaching Salinna’s throat. "NO." Salinna screamed

Salinna woke up from her nightmare in a cold sweat, panting with fear. She looked over at Dianna who seemed to be peacefully sleeping. Salinna glanced at the clock which said 12:14 PM, she sighed in relief that it was only a nightmare. She rose from her bed  then left the room grabbing the key on the way out, She looked back at Dianna and remembered how she denied anything being wrong or odd then glared at her, "I will prove to you something’s messed up with this place."

The End

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