A Bloody Rose And Torturous Past.

Astory about twins who go to new school that has a dark past. They encounter horrors they never imagined could happen to anyone. A story I had wrote for school, My teacher really enjoyed it i hope you will too.

"Ah, we’re final leaving this place," Dianna shouted as she let herself fall on her Victorian styled bed, "Aren’t you excited Salinna?"

Salinna put her last nightgown in her suitcase and sighed letting her long black fall from behind her ear and hide her face. "Yeah but I’m going to miss big brother." She replied.

"I will too, but, Salinna this will be better for us, we’ll be farther away from father." Dianna gently grabbed on of her sisters pale hands and rolled up the sleeve revealing a bruise on her arm, "He won’t be able to hurt us anymore."

Dieanna and Salinna are twin sisters who just recently got accepted into a prestigious boarding school, Ankoku Academy. They both knew that moving away from home would help them in many ways, but they would also miss their elder brother, Seance. He was the only one who restrained their abusive father as best he could. He’s not just their brother he was their protector.

Dianna pushed Salinna’s hair out of her face then gave her a sympathetic smile Salinna looked at Dianna and a smile tugged at the edges of her mouth. Seance knocked on the door then slowly opened it and peaked in. "Are you girls ready yet?" he asked playfully, "We’re leaving soon."

"Yes brother," Salinna answered politely giving Seance a smile.

"Yes, we’re all packed and ready to go," Dianna added grabbing the handle of her suitcase.

Salinna gathered her suitcase and the sisters followed Seance down the staircase. As they stepped off the bottom step which was a few feet from the entrance door Salinna stopped. She felt uneasy like something was watching her. She looked over into the dinning room as Dianna and Seance continued through the door. Sitting at a table was their father and he was staring into a steaming cup of coffee, his red sore hands wrapped around the hot mug. He looked up at Salinna his eyes flared with anger towards her like they always did. Salinna looked down at her feet; her body began to tremble with fear as she slowly wrapped her hand around her bruise. She was remembering back to the time she received the bruise from him. "Hey Salinna, are you coming," Dianna called from the car after packing her suitcase in the trunk, "We’re leaving now."

Her father quickly rose from his chair, and it toppled over onto the linoleum floor. "Where are you going?" He demanded his voice filled with anger.

Salinna jolted and looked up at her father after the chair crashed against the floor. She stood there her eyes wide with fear, her throat empty of words. She knew if she told him they were moving out he would be cross and beat her and her sister for trying to run away, and if she would lie he would beat her for lying.

"Where are all of you going," He shouted violently walking towards her his shoes clacking on the floor in an intimidating rhythm.

Salinna gripped the handle on the suitcase and ran outside to flee her father. In such a rush to get away she tripped over the last step of the porch and fell into the gravel driveway. Her eyes watered in fear and pain from the tiny rocks pricing her skin. "SÉANCE!" she shouted out in fear begging for his protection.

Seance and Dianna turned around and saw Salinna lying on the ground terrified. Dianna gasped and ran to her sisters aid while Seance ran to the door and barricaded it with his own body, gripping the handle tightly so that their father wouldn’t be able to turn it and escape the confides of the house. Their father banged on the door screaming, shouting and cursing at all of them as Seance fought to keep the door closed.” Why is he here?" Seance thought, "He’s supposed to be at work."

Seance grimaced as he held the door shut as their father pushed on the wooden door trying to escape. Dianna helped Salinna to her feet and they looked at their brother who was struggling to try to match the strength of their fathers. Seance’s eyes shifted towards them, they seemed to have a tint of bloody red to them and weak. "Seance," Dianna whispered worry in her voice.

"Dianna, Salinna," Seance shouted as their father managed to open the door a crack "Get in the car and drive to Ankoku Academy, now!"

Dianna and Salinna followed their brother’s orders and dashed to the car. Dianna quickly picked up Salinna’s suitcase and put it the trunk then got in the drivers seat and speed away quickly the tires kicking gravel up into the air.

The End

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