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He went and sat back down on the bed. About half a minute later, Zeke emerged. Shirtless. Caelan swallowed hard, wanting to look away. All the training he’d been doing had made his muscles stand out.

He went over to his desk, giving Caelan a glimpse of his perfectly defined back.

Caelan lay down and slid underneath the covers, pulling them over his head; why was he suddenly feeling all of this? He was eleven years old, for the gods’ sakes.

He felt the bed sink under Zeke’s weight as he got in. He and Zeke had shared a bed countless times over the years but this was the first time it had been even remotely uncomfortable.

He immediately felt Zeke’s warmth permeating the air between them. There was something special about this. This final night.

Caelan was lying on his side. Even with his eyes closed he knew that Zeke was watching him.

“Goodnight, Caelan,” he whispered.

“Goodnight, Zeke,” Caelan murmured. He didn’t say anything else. He didn’t trust his voice as he thought that he might be saying goodnight to his best friend for the final time.

“Where will you go?” Caelan asked after a long time, his eyes open in the dark. He could just make out Zeke’s outline.

“Somewhere no one will want to follow,” came the whispered cryptic response. “I’ll be gone before you wake.”

Zeke moved. Caelan thought he was rolling over, until warm lips pressed again his.

“I’ll see you again, Caelan. I promise.”

Then he rolled over and was asleep within a minute.

Caelan was still staring at his back in shock. Had that really happened? Hundreds of emotions flitted across his mind before finally settling on confusion.

He was determined to stay awake, to stop Zeke when he wanted to leave in the morning. He kept his eyes open for as long as he could before they were finally pulled shut.

True to his word, the rest of the bed was empty when Caelan woke. He pulled the duvet around him, imagining that Zeke was still here. The covers smelt of him, of the body wash he used, of the scent that Caelan had always associated with his best friend... and now love interest.

The End

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