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A week after Caelan’s birth, Dr. Wade was scheduled to come round to check up on him. Aaralyn knew that Zechariah would be with him; according to her friend Leena, who had had a little boy about a year ago, Jordan Wade liked to have his son with him when he visited the newborns because the child had a great sense of how a person was feeling, whether they could speak or not.

At precisely the time they’d specified, the doorbell rang and Aaralyn went to answer it, Caelan in her arms. She grinned at the doctor on her door step, Zechariah stood a little behind him.

“Aaralyn, how are you?” Jordan asked as she stepped aside to let them in.

“I’ve been well, actually. Caelan’s been sleeping all through the nights. He doesn’t cry much either,” she told him truthfully. “Morning, Zechariah,” she smiled down at the young boy.

“Zeke,” was all he said.


“Please call me Zeke.”

“Oh, of course.”

He nodded, his eyes fixing on her son in her arms. “Your boy?” he asked.

She nodded, surprised by the maturity of his speech.

“Shall we go through into the living room?” Jordan asked, obviously trying to draw the attention away from his son.

“Yes, let’s,” she said to him.

Aaralyn led them into the living room, despite Jordan already knowing where it was; this was the Swift family estate, where Wade had practically grown up.

“Is Onyx out?” he asked.

“He had business to see to with Robert,” she confirmed as she sat down on one of the sofas. The two of them sat on the other.

“So, what’s been going on?” Jordan asked her.

As she told him that everything had been absolutely perfect, Zeke sat quietly, his legs dangling off the sofa without reaching the floor.

Caelan began to get a little restless as she spoke with the doctor so she got up and carried him over to his play area. She placed him under the little play thing that stretched over his head. He immediately calmed and began to play with the dangling objects, the small mirrors inspiring great amusement.

Aaralyn went back to the sofa but kept one eye trained on Caelan at all times. After a few minutes, Zeke stood up, the strands of his mint-coloured hair standing out under the light as he walked over to where Caelan was lying.

Zeke simply sat beside him, playing with him and the toys that were around the mat.

“What do you think, Zeke?” Jordan asked.

“He’s happy.” There was something else in the boy’s voice that intrigued Aaralyn, a sort of confusion that she didn’t hear very often. Usually only when Onyx was looking into the future.

Aaralyn looked to Jordan, hoping for some sort of answer. As if sensing her thoughts, he nodded. So Zeke could see into the future.

The End

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