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Zeke and Caelan's roots go back forever, ever since Caelan was a newborn. Discover what brought them together, and the things that changed them both forever.

“Where is he?” demanded a kind male voice from down the corridor.

Aaralyn grinned up as she saw a flash of black hair and jeans as Robert strode towards her and her mate, who stood beside her.

“Is that him?” Robert grinned, his long legs carrying him swiftly towards the couple and the bundle she held in her arms.

“This is him,” she confirmed, watching the beam on his face widen even more.

“Can I hold him?” Robert asked.

“Of course,” Aaralyn laughed gently, moving to hand over her little burden.

“Be careful with him,” Onyx, her mate, said almost sharply.

“Onyx, it’s only Robert,” she implored him.

She handed over the bundle with a smile on her face. Robert held it gently in the cradle of his arms, grinning down at the little face Aaralyn had already memorised. The small mop of brown hair and the shining blue eyes were adorable when they looked up at you.

“What are you going to call him?” Robert asked.

Aaralyn looked up at Onyx, who smiled and nodded.

“Caelan. I want to call him Caelan.”

“It suits him,” Robert smiled.

Aaralyn couldn’t help her overwhelming joy. A couple of days ago she’d been lying in a hospital bed with her baby boy beside her, but just out of reach. Dr. Wade had made sure the two of them were just fine, his own young boy walking around every now and then.

Aari thought of the little boy. Zechariah never said much, especially not for a three year old child. He would just stand or sit and watch you, or not watch you depending on his mood. His mother never seemed to be around; he was either on his own or clinging to his father’s coat.

Jordan Wade, the father, was an old family friend of Onyx’s, and one of the best doctors the vampire world had to offer. He was kind and approachable, yet firm when he needed to be. It was one of the many reasons Aaralyn liked him.

She thought of the room that was prepared for her baby boy upstairs, just next to theirs. She was prepared for the toils of motherhood; she and Onyx had been trying for decades without luck but now the time was finally here she was ready for definite.

“Shall we take him up to his room?” she asked two of her favourite men in the whole world.

Suddenly, strong arms were wrapping around her waist from behind and picking her up. She yelped and kicked, her skirts flying. She knew immediately who it was.

“Jay, put me down! Now! This instant!” she demanded.

The laugh confirmed to her that it was her twin brother as he placed her feet back on the floor.

“Congratulations,” he grinned, moving around to stand next to Robert as he said hello to his nephew.

Aaralyn stepped forward and Robert passed Caelan back to her.

“This is your daft uncle,” Aaralyn said to her little boy. “He’s very silly. I’m sure the two of you will get along brilliantly.”

Jay grinned at her. Aari smiled back.

She looked around the little group. This was what a family was supposed to be, wasn’t it.

The End

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