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Hannah gave him a large smile, "Dad wants the cows down here for a few days, they keep getting spooked in the lower valley", she was referring to the field off the left hand fork over the bridge, where her father usually kept his heard,

"By what?!", Jack asked, he couldn't think of anything, other than an over active Rosie, that would scare the cattle, the largest wild animals were badgers, and although capable of inflicting a nasty bite, they generally left the live stock alone?

"Well thats the weird thing", she replied, "he won't tell me!, Dads been really off with everyone since I got home?!", that was odd, Hannahs father was a very friendly man, not the type for moods and bad tempers,

"So", Jack thought he ought to change the subject, "how long have you been back?!", he asked cheerfully,

"Um, about an hour longer than you!", she grinned at him, her perfect white teeth gleaming behind full red lips, her green eyes finishing off her slightly tanned complication and light brownie blonde hair perfectly,

"Cool, have you spoken to......hang do you know what time I got back?!", he asked, although he thought he already knew the answer, Hannah laughed,

"Our little match maker!", she replied,

Jack tutted, "Anne, always interfering!",

"Oh, you didn't want me to know you were back?!", she sounded annoyed,

"No no no, nothing like that!", Jack said swiftly, "I would have just preferred to call you myself, thats all!",



"When would you have called me?!",

"I don't know, I was going to call the others today, but...",

"Wrong......answer!", she said, and pushed her way past him,

"Hannah?!", Jack called up the hill at her, Hannah turned back and looked down at him sternly,

"When are you going to grow up, Jack!", and then she turned, and marched away, Jack watched her walk away, half dying to go after her, half fixated on her bottom in her tight jeans!  She'd changed a lot, facially still the same, gorgeous girl he'd fallen for as a kid, but the rest of her!  Hannah had always been a 'Tom Boy', preferring to go tree climbing and play football with him and Conrad, than play in Alexandra's Wendy house.  She had always been very pretty, but not curvy, not like she was now!

                                              Jack sighed, he had wondered how he would feel if and when he saw her again, would that tugging at familiar heart strings return, well, they had, and a few more with them!  He had wanted to see her again, but on his terms, not through Anne or blind sighted in a field full of cows and large, stinking piles of cow......

"AW SHIT!", he shook the muck from his shoe, trying to wipe the bits off the sides of the soles on the grass.


                                              Jack was back just in time to join Anne on the stone garden patio for lunch, outside the large living room, or drawing room as Anne preferred to call it, the patio was about 12 feet under the garden, again, dug out of the hillside, it was a magnificent effect, sitting down in the sun, but being able to look up, to the beautiful flowers above.  A small path ran from the patio, round the base of the house, past the kitchen's window and out house, to the back door, meaning you could reach it without having to walk all the way up tot he garden, then back down again.

                                            Helping himself to a small pile of cucumber sandwiches, Jack glared at his grandmother,

"Something wrong with the sandwiches?!!", Anne asked in a very put on innocent voice,

"You know perfectly well why I'm glaring at you!", Jack replied in a disapproving voice, "did you actually call her and tell her I'd be by the stream?!", Jack asked,

"No!", replied Anne, then averting her eyes from his gaze, "I told her Rosie would be",

"OH Anne!!", he replied sighing and dropping his head to his hand,

"Well, I'm sorry!", she said in a high pitched voice, "but I had to do something, what with her calls and you quite obviously still in love with her!",


Anne closed her eyes for a moment, obviously she had promised Hannah she wouldn't tell him, then finally,

"She calls every now and then, to see how you are, I tell her to call you, but shes about as stubborn as you!", Anne then leaned over the table a bit, to look Jack right in the face, like she was examining behind his eyes, "or do I mean as chicken?!",

"Excuse me?!", Jack asked in a 'how dare you suggest such a thing!' tone,

"Have you ever told her how you feel?",


"Have you ever asked her?!",

"Well I was....",

"See, chicken!, you've both been in love with each other for half your lives, and neither one of you has the guts to tell the other!", she sat back in her chair, smiling triumphantly and crossing her arms, Jack suddenly felt very small under her tall height, even sitting, and large build, large blue eyes judging him from under locks of thick, dark brunette hair,

"OK, so I'm chicken!, but you don't understand!",

"I don't understand what?, being in love?, or being chicken?!!",

Jack sighed, he was not going to win this argument,

"I'm gonna go call Conrad!", he slumped out of his chair, having barely touched his lunch.  Anne watched him walk away, she was very fond of both of them, and would love to see things work, but something told her things were going to get worse, before they got any better, Rosie pushed herself under Anne's legs, she smiled down at the little lab, wishing everything in life could be as simple as it was for Rosie!


The End

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