Catching upMature

                                               Having finished his breakfast, showered and redressed, Jack decided to take another walk down to the stream, to think about what he would actually say to Hannah.  It had been so long, would she still feel the same way about him?, or was he still burning a candle that went out for her along time ago?  Rosie barked at him, he had forgotten to take her lead off.  During the day, even with cars being few and far between, and even when they did drive down the lane, it was usually to make a U turn after a wrong turning, it was still safer to keep the little lab on the lead, till they were past the blue gate.

"OK, OK!", he told the lab, who was now trying to pull the lead out of his mouth, "just a sec!, there, GO!", and with that, the little dog ran off, towards the nearest brambles, and Jack thought he heard a scared little animal running deeper in the bushes, Jack smiled as she nosily pushed her sniffing snout deeper into the thicket,

"Rosie, you BULLY!", he play snapped at her as he walked past.  As they reached the familiar sight of Snow Farm, Jack thought he saw a curtain, in the main farm house, move, he watched for a minute more, to see if there was someone home, but the curtain remained still.

                                                   As Rosie bounded round the corner, she ran straight through his legs, trying to get his attention,

"What?", he asked her as she stared up at him with big brown puppy eyes, "you don't need my permission, off you go!", and he pointed towards the field.  Rosie ran to the second gate, pushed herself under the stye, ran out to the valley, then ran back,

"Well, whats your problem?", Jack climbed the gate, then saw what the problem was, the entire valley was full of grazing cows,

"Their just cows, Rosie?!", Jack was slightly confused, if anything, the cows were more likely to run from Rosie, not the other way round!

                                                    Jack began walking down the steep hill, allowing the amazingly fresh air to clear his head, as he reached the halfway point, he looked down towards the stream, his mind bringing back the image of the figure he'd seen the night before, he kept tryingt o focus on the memory, but a cow a few yards ahead insisted on walking up to him, pushing its face in his, rather like Rosie did when he was laying to the living room floor,

"Oh get outta the way!", Jack snapped at the animal, pushing its large head away from his,

"Look, I'm really not interested, you stupid cow!",

"Well, all these years and thats the welcome I get!", the cow moved, and Jacks face turned red, his mouth falling open, Hannah was standing right there!

'OH MY GOD!', was the only thought going through Jacks head,

"Hannah!", he said, in a very stupid, embarressed voice, "what are you doing here?!",  Hannah looked around the field, at all cattle in a 'what do you think I'm doing here' way,

"OK", Jack continued, "Stupid question!"

The End

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