First Night BackMature

                                              We ate in the small living room that night, in front of a roaring fire, even in the summer, the nights were chilly and the old house moaned against the wind.  Jack remembered being terrified of the house as a child, if the howling wind wasn't unnerving enough, against the total black of the night, the old boiler which supplied hot water to the house, located at its far end, would groan to life every hour, making a deep rumbling noise that always made him think of large, hairy monsters, waiting in the parts of the house no one ever went in.  His mother and aunts had led him up to the barely used greeting area, with its own cloak room and bathroom, as well as the boiler room, they had promised to show him that there was nothing there but an old, rusty, boiler.  Half way to the room, the boiler had started up, a horrible deep roar that had sent Jack screaming back to his grand parents in the living room.

                                               Jack smiled at the memory, watching Rosie the little black Lab yawn on the rug in front of the fire.  Anne sat opposite him on a large, old, red sofa, laughing at the television programme they were watching.  Normally, Jack was quite the 'tele-addict', but down here, he only ever wanted to be outside, walking the lanes and allowing his over active imagination to run free, Rosie suddently sat up right, wagging her tail across the carpet like a windshield wiper!

"Whats your problem?!", Jack asked, rubbing her head,

"She saw you look out the window!" Anne replied, "she thinks your going to take out to 'spend a penny' now!!", Anne beamed across at him,

"Well, I was thinking about stretching my legs, how is she, command wise I mean?",

"She'll come" Anne replied, stratching the Labs head, "eventually!!",

The End

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