a begining and a end

after a invesagetion at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in kentucky. taylor and jacky find something followed them home.
for these two paranormal investagetors what follows them home from the Danvers State Lunatic Asylum in Danvers, Massachusetts seems dark and sinsister dark secerts will be uncovered

The darkness sawolled me as i stared at the wall. I dared to look at the clock one thrity in the moring. I sighed and rolled over and tried to go back  to sleep.  But sleep never did come. I tossed and turned for a while. Finally decideing to get up and get ready for the day.

By the time i was done with my morning routine. I got dressed in black skinny jeans and a simple plan t-shirt and my black high top converse. I put on black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and black mascara. "Where are you going?" my roomate jacky asked groggily coming out of her room. shes five six black hair that goes a little bit past her shoulders and she has brown eyes.

"Going to work." i said grabbing my phone and keys. "at six in the morning." "yep and dont forget we have a investigatetion tomorrow night." " yeah ok and im coming with you." "why do you want to come with me?" "because whatever followed us home from our last investigatetion  keeps throwing stuff at me when  im  alone." "alright then come on before were late."

She wore a black veil brides shirt and purple skinny jeans and lime green converse high tops. "next time when something that follows us home attacks you tell me." "hows your back after you were thrown agaisnt the sink." "bursied but itll be fine." "just finish stocking the shelves and help the last customer then you can go." max said "ok max" max is cool hes six one black hair the covers his right eye and he has blue eyes.

I finished stocking the shelves "hey how can i help you." "you can help me by going out with me." the guy said "mike what are you doing here." "came to get you." mike is my abusive ex "well i wont go with you." "i think you will." he said grabbing hold of my arm

The End

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