I woke up at 4:30 to the smell of smoke and Heather screaming to wake me up. I shot up and saw Heather beating something down with her hoody. Oh shit! The kitchen! It’s on fire! I must’ve left the stove on and it caught something on fire. I am so dead. I told Heather to call 911. I went into the kitchen and it was like a massive ball of heat just hit the left side of my face. I stood back. It felt like my entire face was on fire.

Heather came up to me after calling the fire department. She was yelling over the roar of the fire, but I could barely hear her. But I did hear one word: Ashlynn. I yelled to Heather to get out of the house so she wouldn’t get hurt. She insisted on staying to help, but I screamed at her to go.

By then it was probably about five o'clock and the house was full of smoke. The living room started to catch fire. Ashlynn's room was right next to the living room… I gotta get to her fast. I ran through the fire and tripped over a chair and my body slammed onto a coffee table engulfed in flames. I felt the fire scorching my left side and back and had a piece of glass from the table in my side. But I got up and rushed into Ashlynn's room. She was hiding under her blanket for a little protection. I picked her up and carried her to the door and told her to cover her face. I raced through the smoky living room and burst through the front door and ran across the yard to Heather. I set Ashlynn down on the ground. All I remember is seeing lights, hearing a siren, and then blackness.


I woke up at like 4:30 ish with a blanket on me and looked at Michael and smiled. But then I smelled something: smoke. I got up and ran to the kitchen and saw everything in there on fire. I ran back over to Michael and was screaming at him to wake up. I took off my hoody and started beating back the flames but they kept coming. I think we left the stove on from the marshmallows! Michael yelled to me to call 911 so I looked for my phone and remembered I put it on the coffee table that is now on fire. So I used Michael's phone instead. I called and told the operators that there was a fire. I was practically in tears when I told them where we were.

After I was done with the call, I went to find Michael and yelled to him that Ashlynn was still in there. I hope she's okay. I'm not sure if he heard me or not, but he screamed at me to go outside where it was safe and so I could flag down the fire department. So I ran outside and stood back far enough from the house. I was so worried about Ashlynn and Michael.

I waited outside for about five minutes and then the fire trucks came. I waved my arms and yelled to them. Before they pulled in, the front door whipped open and I saw Michael carrying Ashlynn. He made his way across the yard towards me, set down Ashlynn who was in tears, then collapsed. I started to freak out, so I bent down to see if he was still breathing. He was, but really faintly. The medics saw him go down and ran to his side with all their equipment. I realized that I was crying and asked one of the medics if he was going to live. They said if they could get him to a hospital on time.

I went next to Ashlynn and picked her up so she could sit on my lap. She was crying and asked me if Michael was gonna be okay. I said yes. Which was a lie, I didn’t know if he would be or not. I just held her closer and sat there crying with her.

The medic walked over and told us that Michael had severe burn marks all up the left side of his back, face and neck and a deep wound from glass in his side. So the medics took me and Ashlynn with them in the ambulance because Ashlynn didn’t wanna be away from Michael. As we drove away, I saw the firemen hose down the house.

I still had Michael's phone in my hand and dialed my house number. I didn’t think anyone would be up this early at home, but dad picked up. I told him what happened and said we were in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. He said he'd meet us there as soon as possible.

The End

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