(7-8 months have gone by (May))

It's Saturday; freedom at last from the jungle of drama, also known as school. Even though Saturdays are very uneventful in my life, I still enjoy the fact that I don’t have to deal with pushy teachers and annoying kids. Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend to some city for one of their jobs. So it was just me and my sister, Ashlynn for the whole weekend. Mom left some money for pizza and pop and "emergencies".

I decided to invite Heather over for pizza. She comes over in her sweats and a hoody and smiles her brilliant smile. She proved she can look good in anything. I ordered a large meat lover's special. It took a half hour to get to my house and by then everyone was dying of starvation. We each had 3 pieces and were too stuffed to do anything. At 11:00, we started to play a game of Apples-to-Apples. Thanks to everyone's sick sense of humor, we practically peed ourselves laughing too hard. Ashlynn wanted to make s'mores but it was too cold out. So, Heather being the genius here said we could roast marshmallows over the stove.

Ashlynn ate four s'mores and didn’t feel good so I told her to go to bed. So she went to bed and so now it's just me and Heather roastin some 'mallows. We ate our s'mores and picked out a movie to watch: The Lion King. I checked my phone and it's already 1:34am. Time flies when you're having too much fun. Heather was asleep right next to me. I stopped the movie, turned off the tv, grabbed a blanket and fell asleep.


My type of Saturdays consist of reading, computer, socializing, and family. I know, not much but I deal with it. As long as there's no drama or annoying teachers or homework or irritating people, I'm good. I went to go pick up my book to read when I got a text from Michael. He asked me if I wanted to come over for some pizza. I don’t think my parents would care… so I just said sure.

I threw my black sweats on and my white hoody and asked Matt, my 21 year-old brother, if he could take me to Michael's house. We hopped into his truck and turned the music blasting. I like my music. We passed Michael's house twice because my idiot brother can't listen to directions very well. I got there and right away told Michael to order the pizza; I was starving. He ordered the meat pizza from Marco's and it took a half hour to get here. I was pretty much withered away by then. I stuffed my face with 3 pieces of pizza and 2 cans of pop and just felt like I was gonna explode. Me, Michael, and his sister, Ashlynn all sat around on our fat asses and just talked. At 11, we played some intense Apples-to-Apples, which was the best time of the night. I should've brought an extra pair of pants… haha. Ashlynn had an excellent idea: roasting marshmallows! But Michael said no because it was too cold out, so I brilliantly suggested that we use the stove to roast the marshmallows.

Poor Ashlynn ate one too many s'mores and didn’t feel well. So Michael told her to go to bed. After she went to her room, it was really quiet. Me and Michael were standing there roasting marshmallows and talking the night away. I tried to shove a whole s'more in my mouth… that didn’t really work out so well. Oh well, at least I tried and had fun doing it. We couldn’t agree on a movie so I just chose The Lion King. All I remember is Simba and some chick lion singing about being a king and someone putting a blanket on me.

The End

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