A Beautiful WoundMature


I ran into some chick today. Literally, ran into her. I always knew gym was a dangerous class. They should ban it. We hit our heads pretty hard so we both walked down to the nurses to get ice. I don’t think I've seen her before. I said sorry for running into her. So we're walking down to the nurse's and she introduces herself. Her name is Heather. And I tell her my name.

We aren’t even to the nurse's yet after 5 minutes. We don’t wanna go back to gym. We start talking about our classes and school and blah blah blah. This chick is pretty cool. Her life is like everyone else's; boring. But that’s what I think is so interesting about her, the way she tells it. She looks over at me and our eyes meet and wow- they are as captivating as her smile.

I fell. I tripped over my own feet and hit my head on a locker. Heather laughed, but was concerned enough to see if I was okay. So now I need TWO ice packs: one for colliding with this random stranger girl who turned out to be really awesome and the other for looking at her eyes and realizing something so totally new to me. I'm being punished for liking some girl I barely know.

Me and Heather added each other on Facebook and Myspace and found ourselves talking to each other a lot. We exchanged numbers and all I did was text her nonstop and all she did was answer nonstop. We were basically "nonstoppable". Or is it "instoppable"? One of the two. It didn’t take long for us to become friends. I had this feeling that maybe she liked me… I don’t know. Maybe it's just how she talks to people. Maybe she sounds flirty to everybody. Yeah right! I think she likes me… I mean, just the way she texts me seems like I'm the only person she has to care about or talk to. I know her better than that… She has other friends. Okay, so I finally concluded that she likes me.


So, in gym today, some guy just ran into me. We were just running the mile in co-ed gym class, and he just slammed into me, like I was some invisible person. Go figure. Turns out we both hit our heads hard. So we both walked down to the nurse's office to get some ice. If the dumb ass guy would watch where he was running then we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we? But whatever. At least I get to get out of gym for a few minutes. He apologized for running into me. I suppose I accept his apology. I didn’t have to ask what his name was because practically everyone knew him. He was a good kid, obnoxious, "bright", and funny. But that's the typical teacher's-pet-popular-kid these days. I figured he wouldn’t know who I was, so I introduced myself. Yeah, turns out he didn’t know me. I could tell by the look on his face. We started talking about school and how boring life is. Oh, and what do you know. We have something in common.

Somehow, I have no idea how or why, but he tripped and fell. There was nothing in the hallway for him to trip over. Wow, he's got serious talent. He hit his head on a locker. I did that once… Except I didn’t fall and it was when I opened my locker… What? Doesn’t that happen to everyone? I checked to see if he was okay… after I was done laughing. He wasn’t bleeding, so he was fine. My head doesn’t even hurt anymore from our collision. But I still got the ice.

We added each other on Facebook and Myspace… Yes, I know nobody has a Myspace anymore 'cause it's all about Facebook, but whatever. We've talked a lot since then. Like a lot a lot. 24/7 a lot. It was crazy! I got his number and I gave him mine. We couldn’t find nothing to talk about… if that makes sense. We talked about everything; family, friends, favorites, thoughts. He seemed really caring & maybe a little too sensitive? It kind of sounds like he likes me… just the way he says stuff and how much he makes me happier every day. He probably does that for everyone. He tells me about his life and how much he hates it. I listen to as much as I can bear. I wanna be a good friend… and I think he might like me…

The End

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