A Beautiful StormMature

Kinda a cliche I know, but just about a Kid getting kidnapped, and her two mates looking after her in the weeks that follow, and the love story that develops, along side determination, loss, and ultimatly The Culmination of the Bad guys vs. Good guys xD

They say in every man’s life, there comes a time where you get struck, by the arrow of cupid, by the love of god or the beauty of a woman. Sometimes this love brings thunder to your life... and sometimes a storm.

Jason looked up to the sky as the clouds rolled over the sun. They were ominous looking, pillars of violet and indigo, and the rumble of thunder echoed around the heavens.

“Aww man!” Aimele exclaimed “I was just getting used to this!” she rolled over on the patch of grass to give Jason a glare.

“Now can we go back to the cinema!?” Jason laughed and ducked his head

“Yeah sure, whatever, the weather was turning bad anyway I suppose.” He got up, Sean not far behind him, and he offered his hand to Megan to help her up. He pulled her up slowly, so that they were both standing, eye to eye. Everything around them seemed to fade away, the traffic, the people, and the raucous urban chorus going on all around. They seemed to be getting impossibly close. Jason became aware of his heart solidly thumping against his ribs, everything seemed so detailed, he saw every freckle, every dimple of Megan’s near perfect face, his eyes darting to how her brown hair fell over one eye. Somewhere over Jason’s left shoulder a bird squawked indignantly, no doubt for some atrocity committed towards it, but Jason wasn’t aware. He didn’t know his past; he didn’t care for his future. It was just him, Megan and the present. The seconds felt like hours, and Jason felt like he had been there forever, just lost in the moment.
Suddenly there was a shout, it was Sean,
“You love birds going to be done anytime soon! We got a film to catch!” Jason jokingly beefed himself up and walked towards him, Sean mirrored him, just two teenagers about to fight playfully. As the play fight was about start there was a scream. It came from Megan.

Jason’s head snapped, all thoughts of fun vanishing in an instant, in time to see her being snatched by two men, a skinny, tall, pale man, and a larger, more muscular man. They both bundled Megan into a black Toyota SUV, there was a screech of wheels and the car took off. Jason had no second thoughts, no hesitation, no fears. His eyes darted around the almost empty outdoor complex and spotted two bikes propped against a nearby wall.

“Quick!” He shouted to Sean “We can’t let them get away with her!” they sprinted to the bikes, jumping on both of them pretty much in sync, kicking the stands away, and cycled after the SUV along the path parallel to the road, which was slowly sloping above them, some visiting band, or some art exhibition that had been mentioned in passing to Jason in the morning had the roads so heavily congested it was near impossible to get anywhere, quick. This meant that the SUV was still in sight.

Jason pelted the bike as fast as he could, trying to find a way up to the road above them, to her, to his life.  All the time trying to keep the black SUV in his eye line, he swerved in between people and bushes, ignoring the indignant shouts here, and low flying branch there. Until finally a slope leading up to the road appeared on his right, he shouted at Sean and turned as fast as he could, pushing himself up the ramp. He emerged alongside the car.

It was then the heavens opened, dousing everything in cold rain, Jason set his mouth in a hard grimace, and pushed on in near zero visibility, his blonde hair occasionally flopping over his eyes.

Peddling hard as he could to keep up with the SUV in the congested streets, twice he had to veer off, into random side streets, losing sight of the car, and twice he managed to pull himself back to the main road, behind the car, he shouted to see if Sean was still with him, he heard a breathless retort, the words lost in the wind, rain and thunder. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep going, constantly he was looking inside himself, finding new reserves of strength, new taps of adrenaline, but more and more often the thing edging him on was that moment. Her deep hazel eyes absorbing all of him, so compassionate... he grunted and pushed himself harder, behind him there was a lightning crack and the rumble of thunder.

 They came to a multi-storey car park attached to a local sports centre. He gestured for Sean to pull the bikes into a stop by the entrance, and they climbed the rest of the ramps by foot. Looking in the gaps in the walls above to see if the car was on the next level. The car park was all but deserted. On the sixth level Jason went on his tip toes to see between the gap between the middle tiling and the floor. He saw the car’s tyres and three sets of feet. Two pairs of uniform black shoes, and some pink and white chequered trainers. Another crack of Lightning, closely followed by a deep rumble of thunder


 He stopped Sean from going any further. Then sank down next to him, their chests rising and falling rapidly, trying to bring as much oxygen as they could inside themselves. They looked out of the car onto the park, and the city, people were running for cover, puddles were collecting on the road, and claps of lighting split the heavens, all to the dramatic backdrop of the indigo clouds.

“What’s the plan bro?” Sean breathed heavily next to him.

“There isn’t really one...” Jason replied panting, shaking his wet hair like a dog.  “Listen, all I can think of is I’ll run at them from the front, you try get round the back using the ramp over there.”

“And if they have guns?” the question hung in the air. Its implications thick. Another rumble of thunder.

“Well that’s my problem. They won’t be shooting at you, will they?” Sean tried to smile at his friends joke. But found himself unable to. The rain intensified.

“Dude, Jason, listen, you were the best mate I could’ve ever asked for, and if one of us gets hurt or...” He choked. “Thanks man. Thanks.” Jason’s throat clenched. He nodded. Unable to speak.
“Good luck Sean.” Sean nodded. Setting off, running at an awkward, low crouch, trying to avoid detection. Jason turned around again, his eyes set on the ramp leading to the girl he quite possibly loved, and her captors.

Lets rock and roll

Megan struggled against her captors, kicking at the one holding her. He easily avoided the weak kick and shook her.

“What the ‘ell you think you’re playing at, eh missy!?” her deep hazel eyes widened, terrified, as the other, slimmer man turned around, his jacket flapping open briefly from a gust of wind, to reveal the holster of a gun.

The thicker one holding her turned him to face her,

“Hey, Skinny, maybe we should just get rid of her ourselves like?” in a thick, Liverpudlian accent. Megan’s breathing quickened. Her chest rapidly rising, rapidly falling.
‘Skinny’ replied.

“No. You know the orders, the van will be here any second now, and she’ll be off our hands... shame though. She is a pretty little one.”  His pale thin hand reached up to her cheek. His sharp vivid green eyes examining each... little... freckle... that were dotted over her nose. Inwardly she squirmed.

“Hey!” came the shout, Skinny turned around, his gun drawn, “Jackass! Get your hands off her!” With that Jason started sprinting. It was at most fifty meters between Jason and Skinny. Jason was quick, but Skinny had his gun.

In his mind Jason was running through everything he could, trying to think of a strategy, but he was already sprinting, it was too late for fancy rolls, or hiding under cars. It was about 10 meters into this life or death sprint when his eyes focused on a dull black object in the man’s hand. A second later he realised what it was, another second later there was a sharp crack, and a bullet whipped past his ear. He steeled himself, started zigzagging, copying everything he had ever seen on cheesy cop movies on late night TV. It was then he was struck in the arm, something grazing off him, pushing him off balance. He was aware of a pain in his arm, but the man holding Megan was so close, and he had so much adrenaline, he snarled, pushed himself those few steps further and flung himself at the man, tackling him to the ground, and instantly he was punching every inch of the man, unable to land a punch with any lasting damage, both of them scrambled on the floor, trying to get the upper hand in the fight. Jason managed to use his body weight to roll on top of the man, and instantly a flurry of punches was released on the man’s head, most punches simply skidded off the man’s forearms, or weren’t in any position to do damage. Finally he managed to land a solid punch on the man’s temple and instantly he felt the man’s muscles relax beneath him, out cold. Without hesitation he picked up the gun and levelled it at the now unconscious man’s, more muscular counterpart

“Drop the girl!” Jason shouted, with more hate in his voice than he had ever managed before.

“You ever fired a gun?” The man sneered. Jason held the gun up and fired straight up in the air.
“I have now you bastard, now let her go, and pass her to me or you’re the next thing with a bullet in them!”

C’mon Sean where the hell are you!

“I mean it! Pass her over!” It was then the muscular man drew his gun too, pushing the cold metal against Megan’s head. She shivered, more from fear than the cold. It was then Sean appeared from no-where, rugby tackling the man's legs, bringing him down, hard, with a sickening thud. Quick as he could Jason brought the butt of the gun down on the mans head as fast as he could as he had seen so often before in films. He balanced where he was, one knee on the ground, his chest heaving from adreniline.

"Took. Your. Fucking. Time." he growled, staring at Sean. Sean looked up at him sheepishly. Without another thought Jason turned, to face Megan, who was ashen white, and staring at the now two still bodies of her kidnappers. Slowly Jason rose, and wrapped her arms around her tightly. Soon the silence was broken by Megan's slow, even sobs.

"S'okay Megan, S'okay. I got you now." He held her at arms length "I'm not letting you go. I'm not." and drew her close again. He slowly guided her over to the back wall of the car park, a garish blue door next to them. Sean stumbled over too. Still in shock. He slowly sunk down on the other side of Megan. After a silence that seemed to last for decades Jason got up and beckoned Sean over.

"We gotta ring Aimele, see if shes ok, get the police here," He winced looking at his arm, and a dull pain throbbed, blood still seeping down his arm from his tricep.

"And an ambulance apparently..." Sean commented.

"S'fine." Jason grunted. "It scraped me. But Sean. Lets think for the first time in our lives. Why the hell would they want to kidnap Megs?"

"She said something 'bout her dad being a barrister remember... Some high profile case or another... 'bout..."

"Gangsters in the police service...." finished Jason. They both looked at Megan, and it was then they heard the approaching sirens.

"We gotta go. Now."

The End

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