Chapter 1

"Every woman wants love, every woman needs love, every woman needs a man to love all their life."
Leslie always made the right choice that led her to an early success, but with so much work, she plans on having a vacation with her friends in her house in San Diego but it changed when her friend Gabby invited them to a cruise to different countries instead. At her friend Sofia's birthday just in the middle of their vacation, they went to a place that led to the starts of the changes in Leslie's

Chapter 1

“We're all with Friends until Friends dies. If one of us goes, we all go. One of us wouldn't leave. It wouldn't be the show it is without each of us.”     

~Jennifer Aniston


    Leslie Aguilar sat as she opened her laptop as she got to the cafe. Her sharp blue eyes fitted her, she has an intelligent and sharp face with a sense of calmness, and her beauty is quite noticeable. She was wearing a black blouse, a black skirt, and her gold locket that was given to her by her mother who passed away. She is one of those stunning women you can’t get your eyes off. Leslie is 23 years old, fiction writer that has sold over 1 000,000 books all in all in her 20 books. Leslie has started writing at the age of 10 and published her first book at the age of 14 with the help of her best friend whose father publishes books. Her first book became a national success. She continued writing books like “My Secret Lady” that became an international bestseller and she became successful than she’d ever been before. She writes under the name Elizabeth Jones so her personal life will not be affected by her huge success. Leslie is planning on having a vacation with her close friends in her house in San Diego. Leslie went to the café to meet her friends to discuss about the get-together they are planning to have for weeks. After ten minutes of waiting she saw her close friend Gaby come by the café. Gaby is a wonderful lady; she is having an affair with a guy who owns a restaurant that has 100 chains world-wide. She wore a velvet dress, a Louis Vuitton bag, and gold diamond studded earing with a matching ring. She looked beautiful alright, but there is something different about her that made her look unique unlike other women. “Hey Les!” Gabby said cheerfully.

“Hey Gaby! Long-time no see. So how’s life?”

“It is great; I am living with the man of my dreams, having a great life with luxury and a lot more! How about yours? Are you planning on writing a new book?”

“I’m fine, now that you said it I was planning on writing a new book but I don’t know what to write about yet so I’m planning on writing once I get inspiration.”

“Oh, that’s great!”

    A few minutes later two of her friends came, they are Sofia and Paula, and the two are the best of friends and live in the same house together. Sofia is an elegant young woman with dark green eyes. Paula is an intelligent young woman with brown eyes that is quite cute. Both of them wore the same clothes; A top that says ‘FRIENDS 4EVAH’, mini shorts, and boots that make them look sexy. Their outfits are the same except for their accessories; Sofia wore a white gold diamond studded ring, while Paula wore a string of pearls.  The ladies discussed about the get-together.


“So Leslie, when is this vacation? I missed hanging out with you.” Sofia asked.

“I think we’ll have it on December until January 18?”

“Sounds like a plan!” They all agreed.

“Hey girls why won’t we go shopping today and maybe go clubbing?” Gaby suggested.

“Anyone wants to go shopping then clubbing?” Paula asked.

“Let’s go!”

    It is one of those rare times Leslie got time to go through a day with just shopping and clubbing without working “This is a miracle” Leslie thought. Her day had been great! She went to different shops like Lacoste, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, etc. Leslie bought fur boots with matching fur coat and matching fur hat. Gaby bought a dress with scarf and heels. Sofia bought a Louis Vuitton bag while Paula bought a Lacoste polo shirt and matching Lacoste mini shorts and Lacoste shoes.   

    When the girls finished shopping they planned on going to the spa at noon and have dinner at the 21 Club at New York. At the 21 Club they saw Gaby’s brother and greeted him nicely. Gaby’s brother Gerald is a free-lance graphic designer that lived in failure unlike his sister who had been a success. Gerald is 25 years old with beautiful dark green eyes. He is with a girl who has black hair with a curved body, wearing a black dress and a black briefcase; she is probably a lawyer or a business woman.

“Hi Gerald, how are you? I missed you a lot bro!” Gaby said without noticing Gerald is meeting someone in the restaurant.

“I’m fine sis. By the way Gaby, meet my boss, Sylvia Fox. Sylvia, meet my sister Gabriella Stone.” Gerald said coldly and politely.

“You are Gabriella Stone the famous model and currently Forbes #7th most powerful woman?” Sylvia said.

“Yes, Nice to meet you! Bro how come you didn’t tell me you are in New York?”

“I was busy” Gerald replied coldly.

“I think I’ll leave you then by bro I missed you.”

    Gabby and her friends left Gerald and Sylvia alone. Sylvia didn’t like the way her brother treats her but she couldn’t blame him. Her brother had had a bad childhood, with both their parents dead; she and her brother had to work hard to have a comfortable life. When Gabby turned 16 she tried finding a job as a model, she got a job advertising a shampoo. She had been trying modelling and tried to study acting, while her brother works at a hardware store.

    Gaby auditioned as a main character in a show called “The Prodigal Daughter” that has been a hit. Ever since then Gaby earned a lot and pursued her modelling career and have her brother study for college at the Fordham University. Even though she had been trying to make their life comfortable, her brother had been ashamed not at her but at himself for not being the one to provide instead, her sister earns one hundred times as much as he earns in his job at the hardware store and her sister is the one paying for his studies. Shame, jealousy, and sadness led him to run away from his sister after he graduates and started his life.

“You don’t deserve that kind of treatment he gives you, after you gave him a life, paid for his college and how does he repay you? With coldness, rudeness, selfishness? Nu-uh not in my watch sister.” Sofia said fiercely.

“No, it’s ok Sophie, I forgive him. Besides, he is just embarrassed of himself because I am the one who provides not him. But I sure do wish I could spend more time with my brother, there’s so much I don’t know about him.” Gaby said with a glum expression.


“It’s fine.” Gaby interrupted.

“I’m sorry Gaby.”

“It’s fine Sophie, you don’t have to apologize.”

“I just can’t stand him treating you like this after all you’ve done for him.”

“I know, but I forgive him. So let’s order our food?”

“Ok!” They agreed.


    The girls finished lunch and got home Leslie got to her laptop quickly as she got home and started writing a new novel. “Dear Diary, I wonder when, where and how I am going to meet the man of my dreams, the man I would love and cherish forever. I wonder what God had in plan for me, but I’m sure I will meet that man, even if others think it’s impossible I know I will. Olivia wrote on her diary. Olivia was at her house, she is a part time painter, part time fashion designer of a small company called ‘F-fashion’. Art is Olivia’s passion and main interest, without it it’s as if Olivia is nothing, like a human without a heart, a car without an engine, and a robot without batteries.  Before painting she wrote an e-mail to her friend in Minnesota.

‘Dear Daisy,

    How are you my dear friend? I hope you’re not busy because I want you to go to my house at my birthday and celebrate it with you, and all our other friends! It will be a blessing for you to come; I will be making my special roast chicken and baked lasagne! If you do come I hope you bring food and of course yourself hehe. I think Tony, Sean, Kris, and Cassidy will come so I hope you come to!

With love and respect from you dear friend,

-Olivia Roberts’

    Olivia sent the e-mail and started painting; she is painting with dark colours at the bottom to the mid-upper level of the canvas, started with a boy looking up at the bright colour yellow with a hopeful face.”  Leslie stopped working and sighed “I can’t believe I’m a writer of love or romance and I’m not even ‘in love’ oh well I guess I’ll continue to write and stop thinking about this.” She told herself. It was 8 o’clock in the evening, she looked at her blackberry phone and saw 5 text messages; one from Alex her editor, three from Paula, and one from Kurt her driver.  She viewed all and saw one interesting message from Paula. “Les!  Will you come to my house and help me make dinner with Sophie for my date?”

She replied “Sure Pau, I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

As said Leslie got in Paula and Sofia’s house in ten minutes. Leslie parked her car in front of the two’s house and knocked. “Who is it?” Paula asked

“Pau, it’s me Leslie.”

“Oh, wait in a minute!”

“Hey Les! Glad you came, will you please assist Sophie? I think she’s having trouble making the cookies haha.”


Leslie got to the kitchen and helped Sofia with the cookies. “Thanks Les, I would’ve made charcoal cookies without you.” Sofia said.

“It’s fine.”



The End

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