Camp FatMature



After the inital shock of the women's apperance wears off I manage to mutter, " Where am I? What have you done to me?".

" You're in rehab. You're very very sick Nikky, you're here to get help." replied the women in scrubs.  " I'm Nurse Rita by the way, but you can call me Momma R. That's what most of the girls call me." .

"Most of the girls? Where are they? Why am I here by myself? And I'm not sick!" I screamed at her. I despise when people judge me without knowing me. Sick? Yeah, right. I'm perfectly fine, I'm pefect Nikky.

"Listen, you've been blacking out repeatedly over the few weeks; you've lost 50 pounds. Nikky, you've developped anorexia." Rita replied.

Anorexia? Me? That's rediculous! Impossible! Yes, so I'm not fat,  but I'm not skinny either. Skinny people are anorexic. Not people like me.

  "You've got to be crazy. That's a disease. Things like that don't happen to people like me. I'm perfectly healthy!" I told her.

" Things like that do happen to people like you, and they have. So, welcome to Palm Springs, your in the eating disorder wing at the Wellness Center. You'll stay here until you can take your promblem into your own hands, so you can get better. Here, you'll heal, and gain weight, until you're well enough to go home again."

  Here's Rita, rambeling on about my own personal toture. Welness Centre? Yeah, right. And what the hell am I doing in Florida? Oh, and gain weight? Keep dreaming. No gaining weight on my watch.

 " How long are you planning on keeping me cooped up in this little room?" I asked her.

 " Until you can prove to our doctors that you merit being let out of your room. Then you'll be able to attend classes at our school, and take trips to the mall and other venues with the other girls.

The End

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