What did I do?Mature

  The hours seen to crawl by when I'm in school. I see it as only a waste of time to haul myself to that building 5 days a week. Honestly though, no one seems to acknoledge my presence, so why bother going?

"What is the answer to question 5?" says a voice somewhere in the room."Hello? I am speaking to you!"

That is when I realize that Mr. Edward is actually screaming at me, and not some other student.

"Um, 6?" my voice seems to squeak. I hate this class. He is fully aware aswell, and I'm convinced that is why he seems to loves to torture me. 

 Almost a saving grace, the intercom blasts on.

" Nikky Leblanc to the office. That is Nikky Leblanc to the office." . Without another word I collect my things and strom out of the classroom , leaving the hall pass hung in its place on the wall. I don't think it's necessary.

 Upon arriving in the schools office, I am sent straight to the principal's office. I try to scan through the past week, trying to recall if I did anything rebellious. However, before I can finish my thoughts, I am ushered into a chair.

"Nikky, I have to speak to you about something very personal." Ms.Kelly starts. Millions of fears jump into my mind.

Interupting her I almost yell," Is someone sick? Are my parents okay?".

"Yes Nikky, someone is sick. It's you." she utters, and then the world goes black.



The End

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