A Battle To Be (Title may change)


                                         The Holy Chamber of Rights

Esplen walked with an air of confidence into the Holy Chamber of Rights. The Holy Chambers of Rights was a miraculous work of architexture, with the entrance hall alone stretching to about a mile long, decorated with luxurious carpets from the Wolf Clans of the North and with relics and other objects of great significance encased in glass cabinets.  Above Esplen's head were deep and seemingly endless chasms leading into pools of swirling green energy and the walls were decorated with fine painting from important and victorous events in the country's history, which a few that Esplen had proudly been a part of.

Trailing along and in and out of the chasms were small spectres of gold called Messengers that would collect fragments of the precious green energy and transport it to destinations far and near where people would need it. Esplen approached a large golden throne with the armrests shaped in the form of mighty lions at attacking position, and there sitting in the seat was a small wrinkly old man. He wore a long red robe that had the country's emblem (a Griffin and Lion posing at the opposite sides of the country's suits of arms) with a mighty cross above emblazoned on the chest. His eyes were grey and mysterious and his ancient white hair was braided which sat messily next to his throne. 

This was the highest Priest of the Holy Chamber of Rights.

And this was also her father.

'Father - I mean, Holy Priest...I need your divine guidance and help. Your voice is the only one that can connect with the holy spirits of the Green Energy. I need advice.'

The old man raised his frail hand, that was adorned with rings that held precious stones big and small, and pointed at Esplen.

'The winds of change blow from the West and the heavenly call sings from the North,' he croaked into words.

Esplen didn't understand.

'What do you mean, Great One?'

'There will be a great battle soon and we will all have our own part in it.  Recently, the Messengers have been restricted in sending aid to the people of the North and they have been telling me that a person will lead us into battle.'

Esplen grinned. She immediately thought of herself for she was one of the captains of the Nation's army, and her troops resided and were stationed in the North.

'I will do my best to fulfil this destiny, Holy Priest.'

The man creased deeper into his already creased forehead. 'You? Yes, you will have your part in this battle to come, but you will certainly not lead us into battle.'

Esplen felt a crushing pain in her chest. These words brought her back to the days of ridicule where girls wanting to be soldiers or warriors was a joke, and were encouraged to stay at their homes and weave blankets while their men went to venture out to the exiciting unknown. She raised her eyebrows and instantly felt jealously in the pit of her stomach. 

'But Father - I mean, Holy Priest - forgive me truly but you must be mistaken. I am more than capable of leading our armies into this battle. Do you remember when I rescued an entire village of forest goblins from a raging Centaur stampede...or when I single handedly defeated the Great Sin without the use of weaponry? I was the first female to ever captain our army. When I was eight, I had already mastered the act of swordsmanship before any of the men did when they were twenty! I was top in every class and exam that you challenged me at with, and by the time I was eighteen, I had successfully won us the Battle of the Ancients! I am more than ready!'

The old man only chuckled quietly at this list of bravery.

'Heroic acts of bravery and premature, yet amazing, abilities will of course be important to our victory in this battle to be.  But there is another act of being that is a powerful weapon that never fails.'

Esplen thought long and hard at what this could be and instantly knew that she must have it for she was the daughter of this great priest.

'Loyalty? Honour? Chivalry? Just?' Esplen listed.

'Something that is needed in every man, soldier and captain alike.'

'What?' Esplen demanded.

The old man shuffled forward and raised a gnarled, stick-like finger at his daughter before groaning out his final word:



The End

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