Ten years earlier

"Hold it high boy." Said the commander. "they should be able to see the signs and know who is approaching."

“it’s too heavy.”

“shut up or I will have you whipped.”

“be easy on the boy.” Said Bergen. “look, he is shaking on his feet. ‘tis a difficult day for everyone.”

“look, there they come!”

And there from the village there rode five horsemen, one commander, a flag carrier and three guards. The commander dressed in dense layers of linen packed together to form a sturdy suit of armour stood tall while the rest of the group looked pitiful, the boy carrying the flag looked nearly starved and the guards were constantly looking around as if looking for a way out.

“Hail, I am Edmure, commander of this village by the grace of Kingsfall. Who are you and what is your business?”

“You have the honour of speaking with Fendrel, commander of well, these men. Our group is called the third retakers from the holy city.”

“The third? So there are two other groups that you have to contest with?”

“Of course there are, but that is no matter to you. We have come to relieve the town of your command.”

“If you want to relieve the town of me, prepare for some hard fighting, I have fifty well trained, experienced men under my command.”

“It does not look like fifty. Or well trained, or experienced. Truly, look at these men, their faces look paler than my buttocks. Your boy has probably wet his pants by the smell of it.”

“Do not mock me! I will kill you personally!”

“Small change of that.” Said Bergen. “we outnumber your forces two to one and our men are better armed and skilled. Is it really necessary to do this? It this village so valuable to you? There are, what, twenty houses at most and no gold mines or anything to fight for. I suppose your men would like to leave these shacks and go home, wherever that is.”

“we had orders to hold this village!” Shouted Edmure.

“There is no need to get upset, and we have no doubt as to what your orders were. We simply suggest that you all  leave this village and be done with it. We will not hunt you and we will not harm you in any way as long as you leave unarmed.” Said Bergen in a loud voice, although directed to Edmure, but mostly to the boy and the guards behind.

“And return to Kingsfall with dishonour, you know how we deal with treason.” Said Edmure, his anger now a form of hesitation. “Also may I ask who you are, if Fendrel is the commander and not you?”

“I have the honour of being Bergen, son of Bjorn. I am second in command for this troop.”

“Very well Bergen and Fendrel, I shall meet you soon on the battlefield.” Said Edmure as he turned his horse and rode to the village. Of the three guards, one remained with the parleymen.

“you said that we were free to go.”

“Yes, if you lay down your arms.” said Bergen.

As the mounted guard threw his spear to his side and drew his knife, one of the other guards stopped his gallop to look at his companion.

“The axe as well. After the battle is over, you can have it back. But for now I wouldn’t trust you at our backs.”

“I understand.”


“All right men, we have a village to take.” Said Fendrel “Well spoken Bergen, the combination of the two of us really helped break their spirits.”

“I know, the knowledge of our leniency must be spreading through their ranks.”

The men walked slowly towards the village centre where the men of Kingsfall were gathered. The shields in front with spears leaning on it, an unbreakable wall with iron points.

The defenders showed fear as their line fell back before the attackers even got close. Edmure was trying to hold them together, but it was no use. The men wavered and tried to stand in the back of the line.

“When I say it.” Shouted Fendrel. “Do not fear and do not kill men who surrendered.”

When the forces were close enough Fendrel gave the order and all the front soldiers trew their spears at the foe, grabbed their other spear and charged. Some of the spears found their mark into the enemies shields but the greatest effect they had was on the enemies morale. When the charge had reached the enemy there was none to hold them back as all the men at arms defending the village were already fleeing.

All but one. Edmure, the commander was still standing and keeping the spearmen at bay.

“You really want to die don’t you” said Fendrel

“I cannot surrender! Rather I would die.”

“Don’t make us do this.” Said Bergen. “There is no need to kill you, let’s keep it civil and injure him.”

The soldiers, now surrounding the lone commander moved in.

The End

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