A BattleMature

This is a story about someone close to me who battled with her weight for years. Oh, I only used my name because I could not think of any other! Comments please?

 All I can see behond this haze is the image of a girl falling. Falling deep down into a black hole, with no way back out. She's screaming for her life, but no one will ever hear her, for no sound arises from her throat. Then suddenly, it's all gone. 



 I wish someone would turn off the screaming in my head. The constant chiming of an alarm clock, waking me for my day in hell. Most of the time I long for the one day that I will drift away; never to wake.

 "Nikky? Would you like breakfast?" screams a voice from the main floor.

 I honestly have no idea why she ever asks. I haven't eaten a single bite of anything before one o'clock in the afternoon, for atleast a year and a half.

 "No, Mom."

 "You have to eat soon Nikky; you are turning into skin and bones!"

 I can hear the anger in her voice. She just doesn't understand. If she had ever actually looked at me, she wouldn't dare make those comments. My body is not simply skin and bones. It is mountains upon mountains of fat.

 By now , she should know.

The End

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