Chapter OneMature

    Bullet woke up in caines bed, she was wearing his long sleeve black and grey striped shirt and his pajama pants from the drawer. Caine wasn't in the bed. She slowly got up, going to the living room, but stopping when she heard Caine and his parents fight.

    "We got you that monster so you would stop complaining about chores and that thing do it for you! Not so you can love that thing!" His father yelled, she watched Caines reaction.

    "That thing is my girlfriend. Not a slave!" He yelled, she blushed softly then ran back to the room, jumping up on the bed and pulling the covers up over her head, scratching at them as Caine stormed and slammed the door shut.

     She pulled the blanket off her head and looked at Caine as he sat at the foot of his bed, running his hands through his hair.

      "What's wrong?" She asked softly, looking at him, he raised his hand to her.

      "Shut up." He mumbled and dismissed the conversation with a wave of his hand, she huffed softly and crawled over to him, hugging him, Caine sighed softly and pushed her away. Bullet sighed. she looked down, ears flat.

    "do... you love me..?" She asked, he immediately turned to her and hugged her, kissing her softly on the head.

    "Of course I do. I'm sorry." He whispered, she kissed his cheek and leaned her head onto his shoulder.

    "I heard you and your parents fight..." Bullet whispered, Caine sighed softly and looked at her.

    "don't listen to them." He mumbled, she nodded. Caine got up and leaned against the wall. Bullet sighed. She did love Caine but she was confused to why he got so attached to her so quickly. She got up and walked out of the room, going to the kitchen to raid the fridge.

    Caine sighed and punched the wall, hurting his hand. He groaned softly and rubbed his hand. He hated his parents. He hated everything. He knelt down by his bed and pulled out a small box from under it. He opened it and stared at the blades, some stained with blood and others still shining new.  

     Can sighed softly and grabbed one of the new blades in the box. He stared at it for a couple of minutes and got up, sitting down on his bed. he held his arm out and found a blank spot on his arm. He set the blade there then pressed down, sliding it across his arm.

      He groaned softly and watched the blood run down his hand, He sighed softly and looked up at his ceiling. He pressed a small cloth to his wound then tied it with his teeth and other hand.

      Caine put the blade back into the box and closed it, then pushed it under his bed, he sighed softly and layed on his bed, hugging his pillow. He sighed softly and stared at his wall.

     Bullet walked back in, a bowl of tuna in her hand, her face stuffed. He looked at her and grimaced.

     "You actually like that?" He asked, she nodded and smiled, purring. Caine rolled his eyes and sat up.

     She grabbed his arm, looking at the gauze, he stared at her then looked away. "You cut didn't you?" She asked, he sighed softly and nodded. Bullet flattened her ears. (Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I been on here... But! Here's some part to this book and I may edit up on another book, keep in touch and stay cool! ~Tiggy)

The End

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