Chapter OneMature

       Bullet huffed softly as finally the box she was in was opened. She popped her head out, her dark brown ears flicked and her tail swished softly. Her green eyes set upon a boy in a black shirt and skinny jeans. He had black hair that set over his right eye, he had purple highlights.

        "You got me a neko?! The heck am I gonna use that for?!" He said and stormed off. Bullet huffed softly, flattening her ears.

       "Follow him." A woman said, she nodded softly and followed the boy to his room. He was sitting on his bed, she noticed he had scars all over his arms and he wore skin fitted bracelets. He was playing on a laptop.

       "M-Master..... Are you unhappy with me..?" She stammered, he looked over at her, un amused.

      "I am not your master. Don't call me that. My name is Caine." He said, she flicked an ear.

     "I'm Bullet." She whispered, Caine nodded and turned back to the laptop. Bullet huffed softly and climbed up on the bed, watching him. He was playing some kind of first-person-shooter game.

      He looked at her and slowly scratched her behind the ear. Bullet started to purr and Caine smiled.

      "You like that?" He asked, Bullet looked at him, blushing softly.

       "Yeah..." Bullet said softly, Caine smiled and looked at her.

        "I use to like nekos, a lot. But then, I didn't.." Caine mumbled, Bullet huffed softly and looked up at him, her green eyes shining softly. Caine stared at her and smiled. Bullet sat by him, watching him play his game. Then, Caine wrapped his arm around her.

       Bullet looked at him and he shut his laptop, turning to her and setting his hand on her cheek.

      "I've known you for atleast half an hour. And I think I like you." Caine whispered, Bullet bit her lip softly, Caine watched her, groaning softly.

       He leaned in and kissed her softly, slowly pushing her back on the bed. Bullet froze for a minutes before she began to kiss back, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck. He took his shirt off, kissing her neck softly.

Bullet whimpered softly and sunk her teeth into his shoulder, holding back moans. Caine growled softly.

The End

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