Story about 9-11 that I wrote. It's completly fiction, BTW.

9-11by ~American-Anime

I look into the sky, smiling gently. I close my blue eyes, my strawberry blonde hair tickling my face gently.

I was remembering him.

About 9 years ago, I lost him on this day. This is the day no one would ever forget.


It was the worst day of many people's lives, whether it ended it or took someone they loved. For me, 9-11 was the day I lost my fiance. We were to get married two days after the accident.

He should never have been there.

We had a fight that morning. I said I needed a short break, and he said he was going to see a friend. He lived, although he was standing right next to him.

I can't remember my last words to his face, because I was in such a rage. But I do remember calling him, telling him I was sorry.

I was about to say "I love you" when I heard a crash. There was static a bit later, and I was left there wondering.

I felt like I could see the smoke from my hometown, Churchill, Pennsylvania. I had visited my mother there, to calm down.

Once I heard of his death, I had cried and cried. I always wondered if he was thinking of me when he was crushed. But I think my heart was crushed, even though it didn't kill me.

It seemed like I could always hear his voice at night, saying "I love you, Monique." He had always said that was his favorite name in the world. He had always believed in destiny.

Was it destiny that he died that day? That he left me with our son, that had yet to be discovered?

I named Ari after him. I was only 1 week in when he died. He didn't even know.

Ari looks and acts just like him. Stubborn and strong, those brown eyes melting into your heart. He had taken both our hair color, so his was a dark-red. He was pretty tall for his age. He was very popular, which of course reminded me of the first Ari, the one I had loved first.

I felt sad as I opened my eyes to the dark sky again. It had started to rain, but I didn't know how long I was out there before Ari called me in.

I about cried: Even the way he called, his voice, was almost like Ari's.

I had loved him soo much. Why did he have to go? Why did those men have to attack us?

I know I'm not the only one, and that always makes me even more sad.

But just the good memories of him kept me going, even to this day. I will never forget that day, September 11, 2001. I will never forget Ari, and I will never forget the feeling I had after finding out I could never see him again in this life.

I took a breath, taking in the smell of fresh water, his favorite smell in the world. I felt a hand on my back, and saw my little Ari. I smiled and hugged him close, and we both went inside, out of the rain, out of the painful memories of 9-11. Both of us will always remember that day.
The End

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