8 yearsMature

The story of a boy who wants to be a hero in a highschool full of screwedupness but and realizes hero's are only good for those who want to be saved. In any case his own conclusion of his 8 years in school is worth the read.

Never would I have thought all my friends would leave me for such a simple decisions, a decision I almost went back on, a decision to this day I'm proud of, I'm just glad I was strong enough to make it through year 8.

"Alright mom I will tell you how it is when I get back." I say recieving an awkward kiss on the cheek in front of my best friend Jack.

"Uh thanks for embarrasing me mom!" I say trying to make it seem I didn't put up with that stuff, trying to be tough, like I knew that term had different meanings to different people at the time.

"Acting like a teen alreadly and you haven't turned thirteen yet."

"I will tomorow." I say walking down the stairs jack mouthing awkward, and me mouthing back 'I know.'

"By honey stay safe." I winced in humiliation as my friends outside luaghed.

"Shutup."  I say seeing my image crumble around me anyways.

"Ha ha your such a mothers boy Dan." Stephen says.

"I will fucking beat you." I say balling up my right seeing that my right one was in a sling because I destroyed my shoulder biking only a few weeks ago in the bike park.

"Ha or will I beat you like the guy who put your ass in that sling." Stephen laughs.

"I could kick your ass anyday one handed." I grin as we walk down my streets.

"Shutup you two or I'll kick both of your asses." Jack says from behind us casting a shadow that covered both of us. We stopped dropping the immature topic.

" So today is a half day cuz we are like grade 8's and stuff?" I ask.

"Yeah, and don't do anything stupid Dan, we have to keep a good rep for the chicks."Stephen says

"Ah who cares about them? I mean none of them bike or ski. Just want you to be like I love you and kiss them so they can be like yeah I have a boy friend and vice versa."

"Whatever Dan , your a fucking loser." Stepen replies, and not once did I know my friend here meant everyword he meant on the drop of a hat he will fuck me over if he could make a gain.

"And your cool. You where the kid who flashed Kate!" I luagh with Jack.

"Oi don't be saying that out loud!"

"If we aren't Butch will." Jack says.

"Hey I trust Butch more than you guys."stephen says

"Like everyone does." I say. Everyone is Butch's friend only a complete skid wouldn't be his friend. Great kid to bike with too he was my bestfriend but I haven't seen him lately.

The day continued in a similar fashion even at school when we met up with Butch who basically was gathering the crowds from every school out there around him. He shouted popularity, a natural leader type but little did I know he will be leading us all to ruin, a ruin only I escape.

The End

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