Man, was I exhausted. I'd just gotten off the three-hour flight from New York to our condo, and I hated flying. Aside from that, I'd been up almost all night the night before, partying with some friends. I was finally finished with the stupid movie, Escape the Cure, that I'd only worked on because of my agent. He was an idiot.

Anyway, when I got back to the condo, the only thing I did before I threw myself at my bed was turn on some rock music and shut my bedroom door. With all the "geek" stuff around the room, you'd have never guessed it belonged to me. Regardless of the fact that everyone else, including my fellow stars, thought I was the bad boy type, if anyone could actually bother to get to know me, they would realize that I was actually quite the little nerd. I loved so many of the classic sci-fi movies and books, and my whole room was basically a shrine to some of the greatest characters in history.

The next morning, the only person up was Mandii Rayan, the person who knew me better than the rest of the people staying in this place.

"So," I began, "what was up with that little stunt you pulled on-set last week?" There was a pause, because, once again, I had gotten absolute silence for a response. "Alright, c'mon," I continued, "tell me why you told the others about that meeting and not me, but yet, somehow, everyone else was under the illusion that you had told me. What's up with that? Why'd you do it?"

Another pause.

"You know what, fine," I said, as I stomped away, making it absolutely clear that I was pissed - the way that means you can't reason with me, and I'm going to do something extreme to show it. As I walked away, I muttered under my breath, "Bitch."

"What was that?" Finally, a response.

"I called you a bitch. C'mon, tell me it doesn't fit your attitude, the way you've been acting..."

"You know what? Fine. I'll tell you. I was angry because of the way you'd been acting that day."

"Well, you should've known that night was a busy night for me."

"Yeah...I don't want to talk about that. What you buy, or sell, or whatever - "

"Oh, no! No, I wasn't busy that way."

"Well, whatever. But, anyway, so I thought I'd get back at you by doing something like that."

"Real nice."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine, I guess. I was being a bit of a jerk that day."

"Yes," Mandii said, smiling, "yes you were."

The End

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