8 Teens and a CondoMature

Following 8 emancipated teens after they finished their movie, living back in their condo in Hollywood.

Mandii Veronica Rayan
I was sooo tired! The 3 hour flight lasted longer than it had seemed, since we left so late. It felt good to be back in the condo, the all white furniture in the living room, my room with all zebra stripes. My bed was a king, with a multi-colored zebra stripe bedding, and eight different sized solid pillows, ranging in bright colors. I had a lime green futon in one corner, and a zebra striped bean bag in another. My luggage had already been brought up my Cliff, our doorman.

I looked at the clock 12:48, it really didn't seem like it. We left New York at 8:55, or at least what was when the flight was supposed to take off, although it didn't till about 9:15. I slipped into my mickey mouse pajamas and then hopped into bed, literally.

When I woke up all of my other housemates were asleep. We had been getting up at six almost every day for about seven months at the set. Our movie, Escape The Cure was due out in about three months. July 24th was the date I think. I went into our kitchen found a stocked fridge. I grabbed a green tea and then sat on the couch to watch Entertainment News.

Home sweet home.

The End

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