In all that had happened.  I found I was much more interested in the horizon.  There was something about it, it was getting closer, it was getting brighter..  You couldn't see the end of the earth.

I decided to try and find somewhere to sleep, I had been up for almost 72 hours. 

I moved along cautiously, slowely, most of the buildings were rubble.  There was one, half of it had fallen, it's insides were exposed but, it was better than nothing.

I walked through the different spaces, I assume it had been an apartment..  I found what was once a bathroom, the tub was still in place.  I found some rags, blankets or whatever and I slipped my body and mind down into the safety of the tub.

A Dream:

I heard it before I saw it.  I felt it before it ever hit me..  I liken it to a wave but actually, it was a lack of everything, it was a total nothingness, it surrounded me.. smothering me, covering my mouth with nothing, sealing my breath inside of my lungs until they burned.  I was being drowned, my chest began to cave, the pressure behind my eyes was enormous, I couldn't scream, the nothingness still held my breath, tears ran down my face, blood poured from my nose and ears, just when I thought I would die...... it released me..

I awakened, gasping for breath.. My eyes automatically went back to the horizon, it was even closer, I didn't know why but, I knew, it had something to do with my dreams..

And this was the 4th of the 7 days..

The End

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