My stomach burned, hunger, that would have been normal except, I didn't think I'd be capable of swallowing food.

No matter what else I did, my attention was drawn back to the horizon. 

I heard wretching not too far away.  First one, then two, then.. a mist went up from one of the fissures.. it rose like a curtain, like the shimmering heat from the asphalt on a hot day.  Those closest to it began to vomit..

Now what?  they clutched at their throats, clawing, scratching, eyes bulging, tears that ran and turned to blood.. Surely I'd be next, I held my breath and moved away.. backing up, slowly, watching because, I could not pull my eyes away... 

The mist.., the mist was poison.. But I had breathed it too, I knew because my nose began to bleed.. It hadn't killed me. Why?

Looking out at the horizon, it was an opaque blue.. but there was no division, There was no delineation.. it appeared to be closing.. not just closing but the perceived space was....smaller. 

And the cracking started again..

That was the third of seven days..

The End

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