24 hours.. it's taken me this long just to regain a semblance of consciousness.. not literal but, the fog was lifting slowly.

Smoke filled the air from all of the fires,  A water hydrant was opened by someone, I drenched my shirt in it and wrapped it around my face, covering my mouth and nose.   I wiped my eyes every now and then with the end of the shirt, tears weren't enough.

I helped dig people out of the rubble and my spirits were low, I felt cold, confused.. bewildered, so far, not one had been alive. 

We looked like zombies, we dug, checked pulses and dug again.  It seemed to be fruitless, everyone appeared to be... dead.

Then we heard a noise, a sound, we all hushed, we all listened.  The sound seemed to jump from place to place.. We tried to make out what it was saying or, what it was doing..  I listened... and I realized it wasn't talking or even moaning, it was scraping.. no, it was .. cracking. 

I jumped back just as the ground split, and a hot steam flung rocks and L A V A... into the air..

Oh God.. I felt like a coward but, I didn't know what else to do, I turned and ran, as fast as my feet would take me, I ducked behind the remains of a building.. some lava fell not too far from my foot..  The ground rocked, a violent upheaval...

There was no where to run, I sat still and watched as the ground raised up into the air..  cracks and crevices ran from the mountain of earth towards the opposite end of the city.. Water seeped up.. rolling over what used to be streets.  I sat there, rocking back and forth, wet, afraid... condemned?

I began to pray, I couldn't understand what was happening.  The earth had heaved it's displeasure at us before but, something about this made me feel different, made me feel there was something more..  I gazed out at the horizon, I could see light, bright, glowing light, that shimmered and obscured the boundary between earth and sky.. well, in fact, there didn't seem to be a boundary, one seemed to meld into the other..

And that was the second of the seven days....


The End

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