7Days{Tear in Creation}

A bad dream..

I was walking along the beach, giant waves were gathering on the horizon.  I don't know why but, I didn't run, not that I wasn't afraid, I just didn't run, somehow I knew no matter how far inland I was to go, the monster waves would sweep me away.   I dug my feet into the sand, preparing myself.. the waves moved fast, there were four, each one successively larger, higher.  Each one contained large sea monsters, whales, squid, marlin, great whites... they didn't swim, instead they roiled and churned at the mercy of the giant waves.

I closed my eyes and prayed so very hard, my family, my friends, my life, I wasn't ready to go, I didn't want to leave, I didn't want to be swallowed up..  I heard.. a ripping sound, like cloth.. I opened my eyes... The waves poured out, they slid away, away into a crevasse.. Into a rip, a hole, a tear.. in the earth..


I hated Mondays, not just for the fact that I had to get back to the bump and grind but, I bumped and ground at the most boringest of jobs.  Since the cutbacks and layoffs, I had been lucky to get this position.. selling job leads.. Ha, It wasn't so much luck as much as blackmail.  If I wanted to eat, pay my bills and keep my little apartment, I'd take the piss poor job.. A big drop from "Chief Editor".  Not just the stature but, pay.. I chewed on the eraser, leaned back in my chair.

There was a little rumble, maybe a truck..  I sat up straight.  It began to intensify, the sound was silent but, still loud.  The building swayed from side to side..  I held on to the desk..  It began to calm, then it stopped.

Everyone laughed, they all commented on how funny each one looked, some wondered how it registered on the Richter scale, some wondered what fault line it traversed..

We all wondered why, we felt as though we were sinking..  We all wondered about the sound we were hearing..  We all wondered why the windows bulged inward..  some inner voice screamed into my head, I jumped under my desk just in time...  The windows imploded, the building was raised and dropped.  People screamed.. and I could distinguish between fear and pain. Above me, bulbs popped, sprinklers came on, then... the building just ... broke, it broke.. in half..  The floor in front of me tore away and I just cowered under the desk, trying to make myself as small as possible.    It shook and threw us at it's will.  Finally, it was over.

I sat still for a moment, waiting, listening, all was quiet and still.  At last I stood.  I leaned back on the desk, my eyes could not understand what they saw.. Orange light glowed in the distance, if not for that light it would have been pitch black, it was 12:45pm.  I heard a slight moan, then another, finally sound assualted my ears.  The cries of those pinned under the rubble, the sounds of those hurt and dying..

The earthquake measured 10.. it shook for an agonizing 5 minutes.. it stretched across the earth, fires burned out of control.. And that began the first of 7 days...

The End

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