Happy EndingMature

A week later I woke up in hospital with Tom, Lily, Mum, D.I. Jones and Chad standing anxiously by my bedside. “Where am I?” I slowly croaked out. “Am I in heaven?”

“You’re at the hospital, dear,” my Mum softly said. I looked down at my body and smiled slowly. My arm was in a cast. I spoke to everyone and as each person drifted out, Chad and my own eyes never left each other.

“My Dad is going to pick me up later.” He hesitated before he spoke again “I broke up with Kayla.” he said quietly.

 I held his hand tightly. ‘‘I’m so sorry Chad’’

“She was cheating on me. I can’t believe how stupid I was Faith. So...you still up for going out when you get out of here?’

“Definitely.” I replied.  His face lit up and a smile stretched across both our faces. We were there for ages just talking and laughing. When his Dad came I soon feel asleep.

Another week passed and I was back at school and everybody was congratulating me.  Case 100...closed. Lily was waiting for me at my locker. We embraced and turned around to see Kayla spit out “Congrats.” She gave me the look and walked off. The day felt beautiful. 

 On Saturday, the doorbell went off. When I got to the door Chad was standing there. We grinned and walked down to the park with milkshakes, soaking in the sun.

 “Faith... will you be my... girlfriend?” he asked. ‘Yes!’ I replied immediately. He slowly held my hair back and kissed me. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I guess crime does pay. <3

The End

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