My HeroMature

I woke up in a cell and looked around at the damp and dirt. Mr Kelly slyly walked towards me, three men beside him.

 “Hello ‘Detective’ Faith.” he said sarcastically.


“Really I am not in the mood, get to the point. ‘I snapped’ I wasn’t really paying attention to Mr Kelly’s ‘diabolical’ speech. I was too busy observing how dumb Bob one of his henchmen looked. As he was epically failing to lock the door of the cell using the wrong key, I glanced at my watch. My life was ticking away. When the coast was clear I kicked the door open and ran quietly to the top of the stairs. I was in the old warehouse. I got to the top of the stairs and saw that there was a window open. Freedom, I thought. I ran and hit something hard. I landed straight on top of Chad. “Hey” he whispered/squeaked into my ear, ‘Don’t move!’ I replied. A rat scuttled past. The floor gave way.


As I opened my eyes, I concentrated on two things and two things only- the sight of the hole three floors deep above me that I had shattered, and the immediate pain in my right arm. Chad was in Bill the henchman’s steely grip.  Mr Kelly clicked his fingers. I was dragged back to the cell.


I was going to die. I tried to hold back tears but failed. Chad held me in his arms. “I believe you Faith. You had to follow your heart. I saw what happened to you on the street pass my house. The police are on their way. We’ll be ok. Everything’s going to be ok.” He took off his hoodie and his top rolled up to show his amazing perfect six pack. He then tied it around my swelling arm like a sling. He wiped away my tears. It was the perfect moment but the moment was shattered when Bill and Ben the flowerpot men I mean henchmen stormed in, and dragged us out of the cell. Mr Kelly was standing there, a shining gun draped across his arm. “Any last words?” he muttered. Chad gripped my left hand tightly. “Well yes now that you come to mention it... NOW!” He pulled me down as all the windows shattered. The police force broke through. Mr Kelly’s face turned pale and the henchmen came charging towards me. I shoved Chad out the way as I went flying across the floor. My eyes slowly flickered shut as I heard my name being shouted.

The End

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