What possibly could go wrong?Mature

. When I got outside Tom and Lily were waiting for me. I tried to plaster a smile onto my face.


“I have something to tell you... Tom and I are... going out!” Lily burst. I was so happy for them that my fear ebbed to the back of my mind. To celebrate we went to Milkshake Express. I went back home afterwards and walked into my living room... it was horrible. My Mum, yes my MUM and D.I. Jones on the sofa. I am not going to write what they were doing. Suffice to say it’s not an activity you ever want to see your mother involved in. I ran upstairs. I was fuming- and then the doorbell went. I wiped away my tears and shot down the stairs like a bullet. It was Chad. My heart skipped a beat. I completely forgot about him. I hurriedly told him to ‘hold on!’ and ran into the living room- no more D.I. Jones. I gave my Mum a ‘look’, and then went back to the door. As I ran, I slipped on a wet patch on the floor and- fell straight into Chad’s arms. They were hard as rock. “Are you ok?” he spluttered. I looked up into his eyes and stupidly sighed. 


“Yes.”   I wish that moment had lasted forever but before I could blink, I was helping him with maths. It took three hours. Before he left to go home he casually asked if I wanted to go out some time. There was a slight pause. “Y...” His phone rang so he said goodbye and left my house. My day had been so confusing. I walked up the stairs into my room and dumped myself at my desk with all the paper work on the case neatly lying on it. I sighed and started to work.


“NOOOOOO!” I screamed an hour later. My mum rushed in. I looked at her and shouted “Mr Kelly is the murderer.” She looked at me and collapsed on my bed. I explained everything; the red stain was blood and he was a drug dealer. After hours of comforting, my mum explained that she had been seeing D.I Jones for a while and there was nothing to be worried about.


 In school the next day my world had turned upside down. “Hello ‘Detective’ Faith.” Kayla spat in a sarcastic tone. I was in deep trouble.

 “Why didn’t you tell me?” Chad said and walked away.

 “Friends are supposed to tell each other everything Faith...” Lily said.

How could I live with this feeling my friends hated me, my one chance to get a guy was ruined. Everyone hates me, My mum is going out with my boss!  I’d lost everything, all because of a stupid case. I walked home feeling completely alone. I shouldn’t have become a detective, I repeated over and over.

I spent the entire Saturday morning crying and eating ice cream while watching Mean Girls for the hundredth time. Mum was really feed up of me beating myself up so she gave me fifty pounds and kicked me out the house. I knew the other reason of why she wanted to get me out of the house! I was walking down the street pass Chad’s house. I shuddered and put my hood up.  All of a sudden from behind I could hear clomping noises. I tried to walk faster but I was grabbed and thrown into darkness.

The End

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