It beginsMature

The murder of three people in our town was a shock to everyone. They were killed all in the same way; at the crime scene there was a black tulip neatly on top of each body arranged in the same way- the stalk pointing down to their feet and the flower pointing upwards. They were also neatly lying on the floor as if they had simply been placed there. I was frightened but attempted to put it at the back of my mind; because I wasn’t expecting it to happen at school.

When I got into school on Monday my first lesson was Maths- with Chad sat behind me. His Lynx Africa. It smelt sooooooo good. Mr Kelly was late as always into our lessons- however this time he was sweating vigorously and had red stain smeared across his shirt.

“I missed the bus this morning”, he panted the same excuse he used every day.  In the middle of the Maths lesson I turned around to face a mathematically bewildered Chad. But before I could calmly help him I was called out. I quickly blurted out “Come to my house at six.” then left in a hurry. I was angry.

 Mrs Joy called me straight into her office and hurriedly told me to go to the gym to investigate a crime scene. I attempted to ignore the tears welling up in her tired eyes and walked out.

In my head I thought it was a bunch of burst basket balls...  But it wasn’t. It was far more sinister.  I got to the gym and, to my horror; a murderer had struck at the school. The neatly lying body and the black tulip. It all came flooding back to me. As I tried to pull myself back to reality, I looked anxiously around for clues with D.I. Jones and his team working around me. As I began to give up on finding any evidence, I found a small plastic bag, filled with cocaine. A classic murder- by drug dealer. Payment not on time? It only takes a minute.


I slowly showed D. I. Jones.

“The name of this student is Pete Smith; he was in the football team and possibly taking these.” I stuttered out to D.I. Jones as I showed him the packet.

“Well Faith, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.’’ He sighed. ‘’How’s your mother?” The weariness was beginning to show on his face. I knew he was always at my Mum’s restaurant so I replied “She’s fine but working too hard; I rarely see her- you see more of her than I do.”

As the bell went off for assembly, D.I. Jones shoved me off the crime scene and told me to come back after school. The day went slowly and Mrs Joy explained to the school that the gym was off limits because of an incident. No explanation.  I wasn’t really paying attention and this gave me time to think- but nothing came into my mind. Lily and Tom were flirting but I was still in deep thought.


When I arrived at the gym after school, D.I. Jones came at me like a gush of wind; he shoved a note in my face.


 It said “D.I. Jones, you have 72 hours to solve the case or... I will kill Faith Thorneson”


 I looked into D.I. Jones eyes and swelled up with tears. “People know who I am.”

He nodded; I rushed into him and wept. I was frightened. Nothing in my mind but fright. Then I realised I was hugging my boss. I loosened my grip, wiped my eyes and looked up at him. He cleared his throat and told me, “It is not safe.” I walked away in silence ignoring that Kayla and her sidekicks had been hiding behind the door.

The End

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