72 HoursMature

Life can be difficult when you are a teenage detective!
But when you come to face a difficult desision of losing everyone you loved or your own life. What would you do?

Case No 099. Closed. One more to go and 100 solved in 1 year.

          My name is Faith- Faith Thorneson. I am 15, quite small for my age and I go to North Hill High. It’s pretty much like a normal school, apart from one small thing; a secret child detective- aka moi. I have been the school detective for 11 months. Mrs Joy has been recruiting me to deal with cases in the school where the police should not get involved. D.I. Jones is my boss; he wanted me as his assistant so he can spend more time eating doughnuts and then working out...I mean working with major crime.

My best friend is Lily and we have known each other forever, but- she doesn’t know I’m a detective. My other friend is Tom. He’s completely clumsy but in an adorable way. Small thing- I might have a major crush on Chad Reed, the school ‘heartthrob’. He’s in my Maths and Science classes but we rarely talk; mainly because of the fact he is dating my arch nemesis Kayla who seems to have this mindset that Chad is her property. Her somewhat sidekicks, the vacant, materialistic Brittney and Nicole always follow her around.

The End

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