Coffee? On second thoughts..Mature


Hunt. That word was guaranteed to get all of the Twelve Packs buzzing. In less than an hour, the Hunters were assembled. The Alphas, Imi, myself, Storyteller and the Alpha family. Including Toby. 

"When are we going? Are we going yet? How long?" He bounced around me, in his human form for once, questions flying around the room almost as fast as him. In his excitement, he sank his fangs into me, drawing a yelp. 

"Toby, what did I tell you?" Imi entered the room, calm as always. She was dressed in a black tank top and plain black trousers, loose, so that the weapons she carried were concealed. Her hair hung loose over her shoulders, framing her face in a way that made me ache to kiss her. My throbbing hand reminded me why I couldn't. 

" 'Sit still, stay calm and don't bother Jasper or you'll get left behind with the Betas.' " He mimiced  her voice eerily well and sat down instantly. 

I shook my head, both amused and annoyed (and a little impressed) that she could command Toby so well. He was as hyperactive as Imi was calm. He was like a shaken can of soda and she was bottled water. It was bizzare, but clear from the way that they acted together that their bond was as strong as that between Imi and I as mates. 

"You got everything?" She said, leaning her chin on my shoulder. 

"Think so. We'll hunt on the move so no food. We'll be in wolf form most of the time so light weapons.. Incognito clothes.. yep, all set." I smiled at her in the mirror in front of us. She smiled warmly back, her amrs tightening slightly around my waist. 

"Can we go now?" Toby chimed in, ruining the moment but drawing a laugh from Imi. 

"Yes, go meet everyone outside" He wooped in delight and disappeared. 

I faced Imi. "Alone at last.." 

She giggled. "Indeed." She kissed me lightly on the lips before dodging out of my grasp. " Though, slowcoach, you used up all of our 'alone time' by packing so slowly." Laughing, she followed her little brother. 

No fair I whined in her mind, following a little behind her. Even in human form, she moved seriously fast. 

There wasn't much ceremony to leaving. A few words were said, instructions were given and we were off. Wryly, I noticed that Imi's father had split us up. I was in a group with three other wolves from the Beta pack. It was no secret that Imi's father had hoped for her to mate with a wolf with Alpha heritage, but even he couldn't argue with the Fates. They picked me for her and her for me and that was that. It didn't stop him limiting our time together though. 

My group was charged with going to a nearby town, in case the angel had hidden among the humans there. We caught the scent of what could be Greywolf's coat amongst the layers of human and followed it to a door, set into the wall near a coffee shop. At that precise moment, the clouds decided to empty themselves on us. 

Human form, one of them turned up the collar of their coat. "Perfect." His voice was low and gravelly, his face rough and hairy. He looked like a freaking wolf, and had the temper of one too. 

"Not what I'd call it. Lost the scent now, as if the stink of humans and coffee wasn't enough." This came from another member, who was about the polar opposite. Regal, elegant features, under sweeping brows and sleek hair, this guy's pale skin screamed vampire. Oh, Daddy Alpha gave me a lovely group. Typically, those that leaned towards vampire and those that leaned towards wolf hated each other almost as much as their ancestors. These two were no exception. 

The third guy, looking like an average human-unless you looked in his eyes, which screamed other- growled a little under his breath, leaning against the sodden wall, arms folded and said creepy eyes glaring at me. "Well what does our great leader suggest?" 

Shaking the soaked hair from my eyes, I glared at the three of them. Clearly, they thought about as much of me as dearest Daddy. "I suggest that we get out of the sodding rain before we make any more plans." I growled. 

We filed into the coffee shop, dripping onto the mat. It was a cosy little place, but that kind of faded as I caught an all-too-familiar scent. 

No freakin' way. Creepy Eyes voiced all of our thoughts as a face popped up behind the counter. 

So, what can I get you… guys?”

Under the stunned gaze of four, well-built, six-foot-plus guys, dressed in dark colours, he seemed to wilt a bit. Wolfy opened his mouth to say something but I cut across him. 

“Erm… on second thought, we’d best get going” I tugged at my collar, trying to hide my surprise. The others muttered excuses and mentally threw me a few insults and we scuttled outside. A heartbeat later, we hear the owner talk to the angel.

“Did you get their order?” A female voice, I noted. 

Approval emanated from Vamps. Excellent, a softer target. 

I felt the bloodlust rise in the other two. 

Cool it you three. Recon only, Alpha's orders. 

More insults followed but they obeyed. Just. 

“No, they just took off. Like one of them had left the steam on.”

“Ha. Do you smell wet dog?” 

Oh shit. 


Creepy Eyes actually made half a lunge towards the coffee shop before I got in the way. Vamps and Wolfy both looked like they wanted to make me the entree and the lady desert. 

"Not on this watch fellas." I growled. "And if you gots beef with that, take it up with the Alpha. Stand down"

I was met with a chorus of growls which I met with my own. 


Reluctantly, they retreated. 

"Back to the Alpha. We have news."

The End

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