Actually Talking to Mom.Mature

  Mom came home around 1am. Entering the house while saying

"Grace? You here?"

I raise my hand and kind of grunted, not wanting to move from my spot on the couch. She slowly walked over asking

"Did you go to any parties? Are you drunk? Stoned?"

I was none, but I didn't say that. All I said was

"What camp?"

She grimaced and ignored me. I repeated it again a bit louder this time.

"What camp?"

She looked at me and asked

"Where did you get the money to get a pizza?"

"Your jacket" I replied.

"Oh. Well I think I'll be off to bed. Long day at work."

She got up from the couch. I got up with her.

"What camp?!"I repeated starting to get frustrated with her.

She started for the stairs. I cut her off.

"What camp mom....?!"

She turned around and looked me directly in the eyes and said

"Hun I never wanted to have to send you there but the counceller said if It gets to far out of hand to send you there."


"Can't we talk about this in the morning?"

"No mom. Now!"

"Lets sit down then."

We walked to the table and sat down, where I had eaten my soggy Cheerios only about 11 hours ago. For the last time I repeated myself.

"What camp?" This time I said it almost as a whisper and very calmly, yet excitedly at the same time.

She started to explain. "This camp is where single parents can send their, uhm, mis-understood children for certain amounts of time. Hun lately things have kind of have been getting out of hand, so I called and you leave tomorrow."

I was surprised she would let me miss the last week of school. "Uhm. Not that I care but what about the last week of school?"

"You can miss it. The bus will be here at 2pm. Be ready by then." She got up from the table and went to bed.

Holly crap! Why was that 2pm haunting me now? Camp?! Wow. It all came down to this. Going to camp. No more weed, alcohol, sex, fights, friends, summer vacation. I wonder how bad this is going to be? I'll be dead by day 2. No doubt.

The End

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