Talking to Mom.Mature

  I searched the garage franticley. I looked high and low for that stupid pipe.

"Where the fuck did it go?!"

Only one box that I hadn't searched yet. Thats gotta be it! I pulled it down off the highest shelf. I had to stand on the freezer and then a chair on top. Where did I find a chair in this mess? Wait a minute! Why was our garage so tall?! There it was, at the bottom of the box, I could smell it as soon as I opened the box. I pulled it out. The one we used to call Spider Man. Why do we call him spider man you ask? Well when we light him up and take a toke, he looks like he has red spider webs shooting through his blue body. Some memories from last summer came back. Suddenlly I realized there was 3 more days of school then summer break. I tucked Spidey in my pockey and cleaned up the garage then headed for the back yard. I pulled some weed out of my pocket along with Spidey and my lighter. I put the weed in my pipe and toked up right there in my back yard. The smoke filled my lungs, I could tell that my pipe hadn't been used for a year. Mainly because I hid it when me and my buddies almost got busted. I was standing with my lighter held to my pipe enjoying some of my weed when the phone rang. I took my last toke and put the lighter back in my pocket carrying the pipe while I went inside. I looked at the screen on the phone. It was my mom. I was tempted to throw the phone at the wall but just decided to let it ring. I went over to the fridge and took out the jug of chocolate milk and drank from it right as the answering machine kicked in.

"Hi, uhm Grace, it's mom" No shit "I was just phoning to see if you were up. Or even home. I know things were kinda bad last night hun but I love you and your not grounded, I changed my mind."

Wait, what?! Theres gotta be some sort of catch.

"Instead I decided Your going to go to camp."

I ran for the phone and picked it up just as she hung up all I got was the dial tone. All I could think of was; What camp? Instead of, What party to go to first? I had to talk to mom.

The End

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