The Note.Mature

  I woke up around 2pm with the ringing still there in my ears, no, in my head. The house was quiet. Almost silent. Only the sound of cars passing by on the road a few streets away. I unlocked my door to step into the very brightly lit hallway. It hurt. Fucking bitch of a mother she knew I would be hung over. She always perposely did shit like that to me. Maybe cuz I'm not the nicest daughter, but, our family is fucked up. Alot! I closed the blinds and it didn't hurt as much. Walked to the kitchen and ate some Cheerios. When i looked up from the bowl of soggy hoops to see a note on the fridge. It read:

  Dear Grace,
Last night was, different than usual. Your usually home by 1am and there usually isnt much fuss of talking. We've  tried councelling but that didnt work. Hun, I know you don't
know your father but he would not approve of your behaviour. I'm working late tonight. Your grounded by the way. I never wanted to say this but if you disobey me again, you're going to camp.
     Love Mom.

Fuck my life. Its saturday had plans to go to about 19 parties tonight and I'm grounded, Like that will stop me. Uhg, I hate when she calls me hun. And When she says "Your father would not approve" actually, I just flat out hate her, sometimes with a passion. Lots of thoughts were rushing through my head. Like; Should I go to the parties? Man I could use some weed. Fucking bitch I hate her guts! What camp? Then I realized I was still trying to eat these Cheerios yet my bowl was empty. I got up and took my bowl to the sink. I decided it was about time to look at my phone, 7 messages. I sighed. There was one from my dealer, only a few minutes ago.
  You still coming to get your weed?
Fuck I had forgotten. I through on my shoes and grabbed some of my mom's cash she didn't know I knew about and ran out the door texting him "yeah I'll be there in a minute bud". I got there in under 10 minutes kinda out of breath from running part of the way. I bought a 50 bag and went home. Just as I walked in with the dog barking at me I realized I had no rollies so I couldn't roll a joint. I slammed the door and screamed "FUCK!" Time to find my pipe I hid somewhere in the garage.

The End

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