It all started on a tipical weekend. First with friday.First thing of all, school. Blah! Who even likes school I mean what do we learn? And the teachers always nag on and on and on. I mean who do they think their talking to Santa? Telling him their wish list, like, if they were a dog how they would want a squirrell. Anyways, thats not my point, like I said, friday, school. First period, then second then lunch then third then fourth. Math, P.E, Science then English. Sucky day huh? At lunch theres lots of friends, boys, drama, fights, the usual. Anyways fuck talking about school, after school is the best part! Friday night. Par-tehy! Alcohol, weed, sex. After going to a few parties that night I somehow ended up at home around 6am with my mother standing in the front door just knowing I was gunna be home at that time. First thing I can hear over the ringing in my ears was my mother saying

"Grace! For having your name you don't live up to being very
Quote: Graceful!"

I ignored her, like usual, shoving her out of the way to get into the house. Before I was fully in the house my mother grabbed my arm and started screaming at me for coming home at 6am and being piss drunk and stoned and somethin of being a whore. I spat in her face and said "Fuck you!" then walked down to my room and locked my door and passed out.

The End

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