Time does not exist here, not for the once strong species that were proud to call themselves human. Now they are imprisoned in their own bodies, controlled by the voices hissing through their Earwigs.

It's dark outside as Hunter's feet move on their own, travelling home after another peaceful day of work by the safety barrier.

After each step, his ear stings, ringing with the crackling hiss from the machine controlling him. Pausing, Hunter turns his head to the side, trying to get a better signal as a wave of dizziness takes over him.


Hunter can see the light of thousands of stars in the sky shunning above him. How has he not recognised them before? Have they been there the entire time, or have they only just appeared? What is their purpose?

The static clears. Hunters' head clears as the dizzy sensation abandons him and the Earwigs is working correctly again. The stars instantly forgotten as Hunters' body moves him at a steady pace.

The End

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