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   The text from chapter seven were Megan talks about god. This impacted me a lot personally becuase in the past I used to be very angry at god for always taking people away when they didn't deserve it. Stacked on that I always thought god was mad at me becuase I feel like he wanted to throw the worst things at me. but then I found him and now I talk to him and try to do my best to be a leader to show people how great he is.

   Probably the number one charater you can see change becuase of the conflicts is Megan. She has changed to a very religious aspect. She helps people anyone that she can to please god. You can tell that she changed because she used to be mad at god but now with all the stuff going on she's religious.

   Well when megan was saying the whole thing about god. She said that she would die helping people but this clashed what I thought. God doesn't want you to die just by giving people your resources. The only thing god would want you to die is to worship him or to protect the life of another person becuase no life is more then another. That's when god said a person shouldn't kill another without killing himself 

    I honestly couldn't make a connection. Other than some people in the book are just trying to save themselves. In the real world that is how it is the strong only survive because we are all animals in a animal kingdom. The strong only survive that why you have to be the strongest animal the roar lion, a heart like a parent, and a kingdom like a king.

      You always learn from reading a book because a book gives you immagination. So you learn how to keep your immagination running and living.

 I don't know becuase I don't know what I care about. So I can't look for text that i consider important.

These chapters were more of a personal level. The reason for that is because there was more of opinion shared then just things going on. So your belives were clashing with other opinions.

"(no way)"

I would be the strongest like a lion in his kingdom.

The End

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