In chapter six through ten a lot of events happen that bring out a lot of emotions. The death of Beth causes Miranda’s other friend Megan to feel that god is bad and he shouldn't have let Beth die. Then Miranda;s friend Sammi begins going places with older guys. If my friend hung out with older guys I would be a little mad… but Sammi’s mom is ok with it because he provides food for them. These emotions were intense but it gets sadder. Miranda notices her mom not eating as much so that they could have food. As a parent you have to view things in a whole new perspective. Her mom knew they needed the health so she supplied it, even if she lost it doing so. Later on we notice Miranda eating less so her mom could eat too.

     There was also a lot of  nerves in these chapters. Dan asked Miranda to prom, They kissed, on father's day she couldn’t get ahold of her dad, and many other things. She really had the reader interested and pulled in on these chapters. So much was going on! Her best friend tries to get her to think about god more by saying “admit your sins,cast out satan, and offer our heart to god”. Her friend mentioned that Miranda was “acting like her when Becky passed away”… Honestly, I would be upset if my friend judged me for not praising their beliefs.

      Another intense scene of this book was when Miranda fell asleep in the woods...literally.  To add onto all these things that happen to her and her family there are natural disasters happening, the moon is now tilting and much closer than ever before, and now there's ash on the sun. ThenMiranda and her mother heard about the volcanos. Miranda's grandmother lived in Las Vegas and Las Vegas was currently covered with ash due to the volcanic eruption in Las Vegas. So that automatically made thing stressful.

     In conclusion, the disasters have caused them to stress way more than in the beginning. Miranda and her friends are are very thin line. Romance between people are growing and people are starting to live like there's no tomorrow. But the question is… when is their last tomorrow?

The End

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