Alexis needs a desperate change in her life, something filled with excitement and passion.

So she decides to summon a demon and harness its powers.

But Damon is no ordinary demon...

Can Alexis give him more than her soul, or will he lead her down a path so dark that she will consume him?

Darkened love story

False happiness is easy to present as real
True happiness is the hardest to feel
Second chances only come around once upon a time
And with a second light I could make you mine
One heart afraid that the feeling was dying
An eye to blind to see that one heart was still trying
As I one day longingly clung to your sweet lips
After you embraced me with a first shared kiss
I slowly watch the walls of my heart peel away
When I realize each moment that you still decided to stay
The way your devious eyes take me in its sweet embrace
The way your soft smile paints your entire face
The way your sometimes stubble pricks my skin
If blood surfaced, I’d even kiss you then
And your caring arms fold over my broken wings
I finally realize what joy a real heartbeat brings
You’re my one and only beautiful nightmare
The listening ears of all my slumbering secrets I share
Even if you were cold, rotten and one of the dead
Your presence would fill my heart, thoughts of you my head
To you I’ll surrender my ripped out heart
Knowing you’d glue it from falling apart
For in my reality, only this is true
It’s just always been you….

Nastasja Roberts

The End

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