4 aliens. 1 mission to blow up Earth. 1 Doctor and his telescope. Who will blow who up first?

Mortem Deleatur was the name of the ship that belonged to four aliens. Zaya, Arasthma, Kilo and Mislav were planning to blow Earth up. The four brothers volunteered to do this from their home planet Viridium Hormines. A lottery they would call it, four aliens picked from random to blow Earth up. But, the aliens were finally getting what they wanted. Revenge. Revenge for all of the stereotypes they've had for centuries for trying to take over Earth and make humans their slaves. But blowing up Earth was another simple stereotype. They didn't care. They just wanted to wipe out the human race. Another simple stereotype. And this was the time to do it. 

The missiles were ready, the champagne was in glasses, and Kilo the oldest of the four had his finger hovering about the big red button which would complete the mission. 


Doctor Tony Bolton, a man of 50 who is married to his job, and his wife now for thirty years. He loved Teresa dearly, but he secretly loved his job more than his wife. On this night, Tony had his eyes on Jupiter. Staring down his Celeston CGE Pro 1400 HD he spotted something different. Something very different. Near Jupiter he saw a light flashing. Maybe its just my eyesight he thinks to himself. He rubs his eyes and looks back down the telescope. No, that's a UFO,  I'm sure of it he thinks. 

"Well just to be sure" Tony says aloud, gets up and walks over to a door that says, Restricted Area. He opens the door and walks into the room. 


Kilo is standing ready with his finger above the button. 

"Do it, do it now Kilo" Zaya says. His green skin stretches as he smiles and his eyes widen in their sockets. The aliens all start to giggle knowing that in seconds Earth will be blown to smithereens. 


Tony walks over to the big red button that will blow the UFO up in the sky. He looks into a nearby telescope, he positions the missile towards the UFO, and then presses the button. 


The four aliens are still laughing away to themselves. 

"What is that?" Arasthma asks. 

"What is what?" Kilo asks. The four of them look out of the window. By the time their minds can comprehend what is happening, the missile blows the ship up and their lifeless bodies float around in the air. 

So their plan of blowing up Earth and wiping out the human race was now nevermore. And now the aliens were nevermore. And their home planet will never hear of it. So the aliens learnt that they should have blown Earth up while they had the chance. But how can they learn that now? Because they're now dead. 

The End

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