50 Word Stories

A story in exactly fifty words- cannot be more, nor less.




1.If you are tagged, you must write about whatever topic the branch you were tagged on is about in exactly 50 words.

2.If you were not tagged, the only branches you can write in are ones that are labeled 'Anyone'. You must write about whatever topic that branch is about in exactly 50 words.

3.After you have finished, create 3 new branches- tagged or not, doesn't matter.

4.Please try to avoid using mature content. I would like this to be appropriate for all ages. (If you do use mature content, I will have your branch(es) removed.)

5. Also, the words you use must stick to the topic/make sense.

NOTE: You cannot tag yourself, however, you can label the branch 'Anyone' and write in there again. (But please, do not do this an insane amount of times!) You also cannot tag the same author over and over again. They will get sick of it, trust me.

All right, so I'll start this thing off. Have fun!!


      Masquerade <3

        (Emma Elle)

The End

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