5 Things That Make Life Worth the While (That's the Correct Phrase, Right?)

Ha, so you know how life in America isn't quite as...delightful as usual. So I think it might help some people if we all make a list of five things that make us smile. You know we all need a little cheering up...

My Top Five

5. Bubble gum-There's nothing better than blowing bubbles with little pink pieces of stretchy "rubber". Plus, there always seems to be an endless supply of bubble gum, so if the flavor runs out, you can always have a new piece.

4. The scent of the paper pages of new books-The excitement they hold, and the anticipation the fragrance (if you can call it that) leaves. Ha, I can picture a perfume bottle....Cherry Blossom fragrance, Summer Rain scent, New-Paper-Pages perfume. Hey, at least it's an alliteration.

3. E-mails/Letters from friends and family- I always get excited whenever I see that I have a new e-mail from a friend, or a letter addressed to moi. Whether it's a friendly letter, wondering how you're doing, or a postcard from some foreign country 50,000 miles away, it makes you feel...what's the right word...I don't know, somehow, it makes you feel like someone's thinking of you.

2. The Sound of Music-Yes, both literally and the movie. If you haven't seen the movie yet, see it. It's simply amazing.

3. Gilmore GIrls- 'Nough said. 

The End

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