5 of us. (4 of them, and myself)

There were 5 of us flying through the sky on the most beautiful of days. Four of them and myself. We were different from the normal people, but I was unique even amongst these. Or so I thought.

They were faster fliers than me and I put all my effort into just keeping pace with their leisurely gliding. My abilites, however, were growing exponentially and I would soon be able to out fly them, once I got my technique sorted. They propelled themselves forward adopting a Superman style pose, both arms held in front, legs out straight behind them. This style was the most comfortable style when flying, so I used it myself, although I did spend some drill time trying out numerous aerodynamic positions, all of which seemed to yield little improvement. It seemed that the improvement I was looking for would be found within.

We were moving to and from the two prominent rubble remains of the old church, side by side with me on the outer right. The inside three lanes were taken by the 3 older members of the group, being a generation older than both myself and the girl who occupied the far left lane. I did not know their names. As we approached the end of the 200 metre clearing, I watched once more in admiration as they opened their palms out in front of them at the same time as swinging their legs under them, bringing themselves to a stop, and I copied likewise, marvelling at the abrupt yet cushioned braking. We set off back in the other direction, and I was once more totally lost in the moment of it all. When I came back to myself,  I realised that everyone else had gone down to the lab. Everyone except the girl who was now looking at me as she hovered in mid air about 20 metres away.

I realised that flying had distracted her from my thoughts when nothing else could, and as I thought this and she once again took up all my mind, I began to free fall, landing on a soft grassy hill not far below. She glided down herself and I saw in her eyes the concern that I could not fly without total peace in my mind. Unlike the others, my skills were natural, not augmented. They had taken my DNA as a child and found a way to interweave my abilities into themselves before I even knew I had them. I don’t remember how I found them, or even that I was looking for them, but now I had, I was learning from them what they initially learnt from me.

No words were spoken between us, we just looked at each other. I saw her concern melt from her face and some other emotion appear, one that made my heart feel like it was glowing in my chest. All of a sudden, I felt a different, more genuine feeling of peace wash over me. I saw her eyes widen and I smiled warmly back at her before turning my head towards the edge I was already running for. When I leapt, and fell towards the ground far below, something definitely felt different. I was allowing myself to fall, it dawned on me, so I stopped. The instant I decided was the instant I swooped back up into the golden sky. It was suddenly so easy.

She was instantly beside me and I realised that she had dived to catch me, but now her face showed a joy so heart warming, only her perfect face could ever show it. There were invisible sparks jolting us both, and every one gave us a new level of closeness. The comfort she gave me now contrasted starkly with every moment of my life before, showing me how alone i had always unknowingly felt. I pushed my self slightly, and sped forward like a bullet, easily outpacing anything any of the others could dream of achieving, and still she drew closer to me. To my heightened senses, we were suddenly all that existed.

We soared high into the sky, spiralling and looping around each other in impossible synchronisation, our eyes never parting. I now realised that she was not like them. She was like me. We continued to pirouette and dance around each other, higher and higher until the atmosphere started to thin and we were amongst the stars, and then I came in early on a turn and she was in my arms, our lips together, our hearts beating as one.

Everything now made sense, she was my everything, and I was hers. We were two halves of a soul, finally rejoined. As we absorbed every part of each other, we plummeted towards the ground and neither of us could care less. Every second was spent on us and nothing else. We were burning up from the speed of descent, but we were together again and that was all we knew. The colossal impact with the ground destroyed our bodies and our lives, but our souls were untouched, except by each other. Everything started to fade and then there was nothing, except us, and a distant buzzing sound that was getting gradually closer.

I opened my eyes, and stared at the alarm clock. It was just a dream. My heart broke inside my chest as I slid my legs out of bed and started to get ready for work.

The End

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